7 Nuts-Loaded Breakfasts For Morning Energy Boost
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Every morning, eating a nutritious and delicious breakfast is seen as a global ritual that keeps your energy levels and spirits up throughout the day. But whether a part of your breakfast or not, eating soaked almonds and other nuts, seeds and dry fruits is also a recommendation made by health experts throughout the world. So, doesn’t it make complete sense to just combine the two and create a nuts-loaded breakfast that is not only delicious but also provides an energy boost? 

The fact is, there is a diverse array of nuts, ranging from almonds and walnuts to pistachios and cashews, that can introduce a brilliant medley of textures, flavours and nutrition to your simplest of breakfasts. The rich, nutty flavours of nuts can also make your breakfast so much more filling and enhance the overall breakfast experience too.  

Whether you have it combined with your morning smoothie or incorporated in your granola or muesli, adding nuts to your breakfast is a great idea. Here are a few ways you can add more and more nuts in various forms to your breakfast for an energy boost. 

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1. Granola 

Loading up your regular breakfast granola with more nuts is a great way of adding not only more crunch to it but also a touch of sweetness. What’s more, you can easily make granola at home with a blend of rolled oats, chopped nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans, and just add some cinnamon powder and honey or maple syrup do add some sweetness and warmth. Just bake this mix until crunchy, let it cool completely, then serve up for a nuts-loaded breakfast. 

2. Kaju Badam Poha 

Poha is a simple yet delicious breakfast favourite across India, and most people love indulging in its flavours. Of course, poha always consists of at least one nutrient-loaded nut, which is peanuts—but you can always add more to make your poha more nuts forward. For example, when you are toasting the peanuts, add some cashews, almonds and pistachios too.  

3. Smoothie Bowls 

Making a nuts-loaded smoothie bowl is not only easy but also one of the trendiest ways to incorporate various forms of nut-based products. For example, replace milk with almond or cashew milk for your smoothie base, or add more soaked almonds in your blend. And then of course, you can top the smoothie bowl with a variety of nuts and seeds too. 

4. Fruit-And-Nut Crumble 

Sweet, baked and one of the most delicious goodies to indulge in out there first thing in the morning—or even as a dessert after lunch or dinner for that matter—a fruit-and-nut crumble is a true joy to behold. All you need to do is mix flour, butter, plenty of chopped nuts and mixed berries or chopped fruits like apples, peaches, etc in a bowl. Place this in a baking tray, bake until the fruits are softened and the nut mix crunchy, and there you have one of the easiest one-pot breakfasts that is also packed with nuts ready in no time. 

5. Nut Flour Cheela 

Cheela is another breakfast favourite across India, but did you know you can easily incorporate more nuts into it? Of course, you can always add chopped nuts along with ingredients like paneer as a stuffing for your cheela, but there is an easier way still. You can simply turn any nuts you have into a fine powder, mix it with the gram flour base, and whip up some nut flour cheela on any given day. 

6. Nuts And Yoghurt Parfait 

A parfait is a layered breakfast dish suited for those on the go, and you can easily add plenty of nuts and seeds to it to make it so much more delicious. For example, you can simply add layers of different nuts to add not only flavour but also colour to your parfait. You can also toast nuts and use them as a topping for your parfait when needed. 

7. Nutty Omelette 

Stuffing a variety of veggies and cheese into your omelette might be a done thing, but have you ever tried adding chopped nuts to your morning plate of eggs? Well, eggs are anyways loaded with proteins, so the addition of some chopped nuts as a savoury stuffing in your omelette makes absolute sense. Try it out at least once and you will know just what a great breakfast option it is for those looking for a morning energy boost.