7 Local Turkish Food That Are A Must Try As A Tourist
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The Republic of Turkiye is a beautiful country. It is full of spectacular historic buildings and famous tourist attractions.The food in Turkiye is also quite dynamic and has classic flavours of traditional Turkish ingredients as well as hints from different cuisines of the world. Turkish tea is extremely popular around the world and is served in traditional Turkish cups. 

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Every region in the Republic of Turkiye has some special variety of local food. In this article, one can find a list of authentic local foods that they can try in Turkiye. All of these foods are loved by the natives and also easily available for people coming from different parts of the world to visit Turkiye.

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* Manti

A popular Turkish dumpling that is very popular in the country and is often considered a full meal. The dough of these dumplings is usually given a triangular shape and the pouch of these dumplings is traditionally filled with a lot of meat and spices. Generally Manti has a lot of melted butter as well as some mint leaves to give it a delightful aroma. In many parts of Turkiye, people like to add some tomato paste to the butter. The gravy for these dumplings is made by using a yoghurt. It depends on one's preference if they want to add garlic to the yoghurt or not.

* Keskek

Keskek is a very important part of the traditional and cultural heritage of Turkiye. It is a dish that is cooked by using meat and some cracked wheat in a pot. These ingredients are first mixed with some butter in a pot and then only cooked. The ingredients used in the preparation of Keskek generally helps in keeping the stomach warm. Keskek is found at almost all celebrations that happen in Turkiye. Some people also like to use chickpeas in the dish. 

* Tarhana Corbasi

In both Middle Eastern and southeastern European cuisines, tarhana plays a significant role. It draws inspiration from both of these cuisines and has equal popularity in the Republic of Turkiye. A few fermented veggies, flour, and yoghurt come together to form this condiment. Because the veggies are fermented, this dish keeps for a longer period of time than others. Plus, it's a good source of nutrients. Making this condiment in the summer and storing it for winter is the customary method. Making a soup out of the Tarhana mixture with water and a variety of veggies is the proper method to eat it.

* Shish Kofte

Shish Kofte or Meatballs are one of the most beloved dishes of the people of Turkiye. There are roughly more than 300 varieties of meatballs that are prepared and consumed in the country. Shish Kofte is one such variety of meatballs. It is made by mixing some ground meat along with herbs, spices and some vegetables. A small patty is made out of this mixture and it is grilled with the help of a skewer. Ingredients like ginger, garlic, and onions, can be used to give flavour to the dish.

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* Tandir Kebabi

Tandir Kebabi refers to Tandoor kebab in Turkiye. It is a very unique dish that not only has a different flavour but also a very different texture as well. This kebab is specially made from a special type of meat that is seasoned only with some salt. Then the meat is cooked in the oven until it becomes tender. This kebab is served with some thin pieces of traditional lavas bread. Because of being cooked for a long time, the meat is crispy on the outside, but extremely soft on the inside.

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* Hibes

Hibes is a dish that is so versatile that it can be served both as a starter and a sauce. The base of this dish is made from sesame paste which is quite popular in some selected parts of Turkiye, especially the coastal parts. The paste is given a thin consistency with the help of some warm water and then it is seasoned with cumin seeds, garlic, lemon juice, and paprika to give it a fiery flavour. The mixture is properly crushed until it has the consistency of a mustard sauce. It can be spread on the top of bread slices or can be used as a dip.

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* Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is a popular dish that has its roots in the East Mediterranean cuisine. It is generally served as a starter and even as a side dish with a main course. This is also a dip-like delicacy that is made by mixing some aubergine with yoghurt, garlic, olive oil, and lemon. Some sesame paste as well as fresh pepper are also used to make this dish.