7 Life-Changing Egg Hacks That You Must Know
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Healthy breakfast is very important for the overall well-being of the body. It is very important to eat a complete and nutritious breakfast to ensure one can do all the tasks of the day easily before lunch. Breakfast gives us the necessary energy to function without any problems. But an obstacle that mostly everyone faces while cooking breakfast is the less time that we have. This is the reason why eggs are one of the most popular breakfast options among most people. Eggs are both nutritious and very easy to cook. 

However, a lot of times people don't even have the limited time that eggs need to be cooked. In this case, here are seven life-changing egg hacks that everyone can start using to save time and cook delicious breakfasts.

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* Peeling Eggs With Baking Soda

A lot of people face the problem of peeling hard-boiled eggs. In this process, they often end up wasting a lot of the edible part of an egg. The most easy and smooth way of removing peels from an egg is by adding 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda into the water of the eggs. After following this hack, the eggshell comes off phenomenally and no one has to spend a lot of time just trying to peel eggs.

* Omelette Making

Making omelettes on a pan might take a lot of time. One also has to make sure that the heat level is enough to cook the omelette well but not too much that it may lead to the egg burning. The most effective way of cooking omelettes is by cooking them in the microwave. All that one has  to do is simply whisk  eggs and then add whatever vegetables and spics of one's preference. Put this in a microwave-friendly dish and heat it for 1 minute and 30 seconds. You will see that your omelette has come out beautifully.

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* Removing Tiny Egg Shells

A lot of times while removing egg shells from a hard-boiled egg,  tiny pieces of egg shells remain attached to the egg. While trying to use hands, a good piece of egg also comes out. Using a fork or a spoon is likely to give a similar result. The best way to remove this tiny piece of eggshell is by using another piece of eggshell. this hack works brilliantly and no piece of egg gets wasted.

* Scrambled Eggs

Egg scramble is usually perceived as a very easy-to-make recipe. While the process requires one to follow a couple of simple steps, most people are not able to get the right consistency of scrambled eggs. The most delicious variety of scrambled eggs is soft and very airy. The simplest hack for getting soft and fluffy scrambled eggs is by sieving the eggs before cooking them. Sieving the egg mixture before cooking will help in removing any kind of unnecessary moisture content from the eggs.

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* Poaching Eggs

Poached eggs are one of the most difficult varieties of eggs and it takes years to ace this technique. It is surprising to know that one can get poached eggs with the help of a microwave as well. The process is not even half as difficult as poaching eggs in boiling water. This saves the time and energy required to poach eggs in water by adding vinegar and ensuring the right kind of temperature. The whole process is going to take a few seconds.

* Separating Yolk From Egg

Separating the yolk from the white portion of an egg is a crazy process and creates a lot of mess. It becomes very difficult to remove the yolk from the white portion of an egg and sometimes it even breaks into little pieces. The best way to remove the yolk from an egg is by taking a water bottle and creating suction. Using suction, you can remove the egg yolk from the egg white very effectively.

* Baking Eggs 

If one has to prepare breakfast for a huge number of people, and doesn't have the needed time, then this hack is going to be very beneficial. All that one has to do is crack some eggs into small muffin tins and just keep them in the oven. Add the needed toppings like vegetables, spices and some cheese. Heat it in the oven for a few minutes and get small muffin-shaped eggs that are delicious. These can be used to make sandwiches or you can also eat them as it is.

These are some of the lesser-known, yet effective egg hacks that can change one'slife and the way that people cook eggs.