7 Italian Breakfast Dishes To Start Your Day With
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Beautiful weather, art and architecture, and delectable cuisine abound in Italy. Italian cuisine is frequently associated with opulence and indulgence. While Italians have a gift for mixing exquisite flavours and textures, they prefer to keep their meals simple. We list various Italian breakfast foods to give you some ideas, so that the next time you're missing Italy or want to try something different for breakfast, you'll be prepared.

Ricotta pancakes

If you enjoy sweet foods, these delectable ricotta pancakes are the recipe for you. The fluffy, moist texture is to die for, and making these scrumptious pancakes at home couldn't be easier. They are served with maple syrup, berries, and powdered sugar on top.


Although crepes originated in France, the Italian equivalent, known as crespelle, is an equally tasty morning meal. Crespelle is a paper-thin pancake with a crispier texture than crepes. However, you can flavour them with sweet or savoury fillings or toppings, making them ideal for breakfast.


Who doesn't like dessert for breakfast? Cannoli is another great Italian morning option. It is a tube-shaped pastry filled with a ricotta and mascarpone cheese mixture.

Bread, butter and jam

You may think this dish is straightforward, but that is precisely what Italian cuisine is all about! When you don't have a lot of time to think about or prepare your breakfast, there's nothing like bread, butter, and jam. It is frequently served with, you guessed it, coffee. Spread a thin coating of butter over a slice of freshly made bread and top with your favourite jam. Simple, but bursting with flavour. You have the option of baking your own bread or purchasing a lovely loaf from your neighbourhood bakery.

Italian breakfast frittata

Why not try this Italian breakfast frittata if you're in the mood for an Italian breakfast? You may put any ingredients you like in a frittata, and you can eat it for any meal. It's also a good dish to serve hot or cold. This recipe couldn't be simpler, with onions, garlic, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and cheese.

Italian baked eggs and sausage

Italian baked eggs with sausage are a great, hearty meal that will set you up for the day. This recipe is really adaptable, so feel free to use whatever ingredients you have on hand! This recipe, which includes a rich tomato sauce, smoked sausage, and a runny egg, is ideal for a quick breakfast or brunch and requires little work.

Croissant (Cornetti)

Croissants are a French pastry, and Italian croissants are called cornetti. Italian cornetti have more sugar in the dough than French croissants. Eggs, vanilla seeds, and orange peel are among the ingredients used to produce the cornetti dough, which is not normally included in French croissants. This gives the Italian cornetti a sweeter, richer flavour.

To create these breakfast goodies, though, you'll need a few days free, so plan ahead. This is due to the fact that croissants require refrigeration and lamination, which is the process of adding butter to the dough to form the lovely layers seen in the pastry. Lamination is what gives croissants their flaky, buttery texture and flavour. While many people find the procedure enjoyable, you may save time by purchasing cornetti from your local grocery shop or bakery.