7 Indian Raw Mangoes Dishes To Please Your Taste Buds
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It is safe to say that mangoes are the highlight of the summer season for most Indian people. A summer without mango is certainly incomplete which is why one can find different types of dishes made from mangoes in India. While the ripe mangoes are widely consumed, the unripe and raw mangoes have an equal level of demand. These mangoes are used to make a lot of savoury, tangy, sour and sweet dishes around the country as they have a very unique flavour palette that can be utilised in a lot of versatile ways. 

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These are mostly sour and slightly sweet which makes them perfect for adding in different types of chutneys and tantalising chaats. If anyone is wondering how to perfectly use the fresh and aromatic raw mangoes that are available in the market right now, then here are some delightful raw mango recipes for everyone's reference.

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* Raw Mango Rasam

Raw mangoes are extremely tangy and the best way to use the tanginess is to pair it well with something sweet like jaggery powder. Rasam is already made from flavourful ingredients like tamarind juice, sesame oil, turmeric, red chilli powder, garlic, curry, leaves, sea, salt, and many others. Adding a bit of raw mangoes is going to accentuate the flavours of this South Indian dish well.

* Corn And Raw Mango Salad

There is honestly nothing like having a fresh bowl of salad on hot summer days. It instantly revitalises the soul and makes one feel better. This is a beautiful salad which is made by orchestrating ingredients like raw mango chunks, pineapple, boiled corn, and juicy tomatoes. On the top, one can drizzle some honey, lemon juice and a little bit of rock salt. Simply sprinkle some fresh coriander leaves for that final touch and serve..

* Raw Mango Rice

Raw mango rice may seem like an absurd recipe initially, but it is surely worth a try. It is perfect for any meal of the day and brings together different flavours like the tartness of mangoes, the freshness of curry leaves, the nutty flavour of roasted lentils and peanuts, along with starchy flavour of rice. One can cook this dish in under 10 minutes if they already have some leftover rice at home. The rice after being seasoned with the raw mangoes and a handful of spices gives a fresh and wholesome flavour. 

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* Raw Mango Pachadi

Pachadi is a popular side dish in South India that is served with different types of main course meals. It is usually made from a concoction of ingredients like chillies, yoghurt, spices, and coconuts. Raw mango Pachadi is a flavourful way of utilising raw mangoes timely to make something flavourful as well as practically useful. One has to simply combine the pulp of raw mangoes with yoghurt, red chillies, coconut shreds, and a few spices like red chilli powder, and salt. This pachadi can be served with basically any meal and enjoyed to the fullest.

* Kaeri Curry 

This multi-flavoured curry has different tastes of sweetness and sourness in a single bite. The kaeri curry is extremely popular in Rajasthan, where it is paired with the traditional bread made from bajra or jowar and served to family members and guests. Another flatbread that is popularly served with this curry is the khoba roti. Making this curry at home can be a delicious pick for both lunch and dinner. The consistency of this dish is quite thick and it is tempered with some Rajasthani red chillies on the top.

* Raw Mango Chutney

One of the best ways to fully use the potential of raw mangoes is to make a delicious chutney out of it. Chutneys are the perfect accompaniment for different types of meals. One can have it with rotis, or parathas, add it into chaats and also have it as a dip to eat with deep-fried snacks. It's very easy to make this mango chutney as one has to simply take some unripe mangoes and extract the pulp out of them. 

* Aamras Kadhi

Aamras kadhi is another very delicious curry that is made in many parts of the country. The primary focus of this dish is to elevate the flavours of raw mangoes while keeping their freshness intact. It is a delicious blend of puree made from raw mangoes, chickpea, flour, buttermilk, and a few spices and chillies that are added to the mixture. 

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* Raw Mango Popsicles 

Raw Mango popsicle is the perfect dish to make something refreshing that has a lot of health benefits as well. The only ingredients that one will need are simply the pulp of raw mangoes and some mint leaves. If one wants to make the popsicles a bit sweet, then one can add jaggery powder into the popsicles. All the ingredients simply have to be blended in the food processor and then poured inside a mould to be stored in the refrigerator.