7 Indian Foods To Keep Cold And Cough At Bay This Winter Season
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Does your child have a runny or stuffy nose? Does he or she sneeze constantly? She probably has a cold. In such cases, parents frequently go for the next bottle of medication or force their child to swallow a cold pill. But did you know that specific Indian foods might ease your child's cold and cough symptoms? Home treatments for children's cough and cold symptoms include many common foods that are already available in almost all Indian households. So, if you want to stay healthy and free of cough and cold this winter season, these are the foods that you should stock up on.


Khichdi is frequently described as the ultimate comfort dish. It is a basic and digestible meal prepared with rice and lentils. To make it even more comforting during a cold, season with turmeric and cumin and add plenty of ghee. Khichdi's warmth and nutrients may soothe and improve your immune system while being gentle on your digestive tract.

Lemon-Honey Water

A glass of warm water infused with lemon juice and honey is a simple yet powerful cold cure. Lemon contains vitamin C, and honey calms the throat. This relaxing drink might help alleviate coughing and congestion. Even if you don't have a cough or cold, drinking a glass of warm lemon and honey water first thing in the morning can help your immune system and metabolism.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a highly effective and affordable remedy for the common cold. Ginger, a natural antiviral, promotes sweating and decreases the body's temperature. Ginger tea is also a decongestant, which helps to relieve cold symptoms. You can even consume a bit of ginger for chewing.

Chicken Soup

It's a tasty and nutritious choice that's high in calories, protein, and all the essential vitamins and minerals. It's also easy to digest. It provides an abundant supply of electrolytes and fluids that help reduce fever and remove mucus from the nose, which functions as a natural decongestant.

Cinnamon Kadha

This kadha can aid in protecting against seasonal illnesses and is rather simple to prepare. Fill a skillet with one to two glasses of water to create it. Add the cinnamon powder now, and bring it to a boil. You may also add a spoonful of honey to it if you'd like. This kadha can boost immunity and help the body become stronger.

Tomato Soup

For people suffering from a cold, tomato soup is a healthy and soothing choice. The soup's warmth can help clear congestion, while the tomatoes' vitamins offer vital nutrition. For extra relief, add a dash of black pepper to your tomato soup. This acidic soup's spicy and sour tastes could be just what you need to clear your stuffy nose.


Your greatest option for battling the symptoms of the flu and common cold is to take probiotics. Yoghurt consumers are generally healthier. They can heal more quickly than those whose bodies don't have probiotics. They even had fewer severe cases of the flu.