7 Indian Dishes That Taste The Best With Wine
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The flavour of a dish is automatically enhanced if it is paired with the right kind of beverage. Wines are considered a decadent beverage that automatically amplifies the taste of anything that it is paired with. But to enjoy the flavour of wine the most, it is important to pair it with the right kind of food that flatters its flavours and undertones. The key to enjoying food and wine to its fullest potential is to strike a balance between the flavours of both these things. Not only should your libation and food taste delicious on their own, but these two should also form a harmonious blend of flavours together. Let's have a look at some Indian dishes that astonishingly taste even better when paired with wine.

* Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a famous Kashmiri delicacy that is full of strong and versatile flavours. It is a very bold dish that is a flavourful blend of multiple spices and lamb meat. This lamb curry is enjoyed by people in India as well as abroad. You can pair it with rice, roti, or naan as it tastes good with almost everything. This dish goes well with red wine that has some spicy undertones. You will see that the flavour of your wine and Rogan Josh comes out even better after you decide to pair these two together.

* Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a classic chicken curry that originated in the northern part of India, and has spread rampantly throughout the world. This is a dish that has united food lovers successfully from all parts of the world. It is generally eaten with some crispy butter and garlic naan. You can pair this amazing dish with a strong grape wine to perfectly complete your meal. Both grape wine and butter chicken are extremely flavourful yet balanced. This is a powerful combination that very tactfully avoids the overpowering of any single flavour and gives you everything just in the right amount.

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* Chicken Biryani

All food lovers will agree that chicken biryani is one food item that constantly infatuates everyone with its beautiful aroma and delicious flavours. Chicken biryani itself is full of many flavours and quite versatile. The best kind of wine to pair with chicken biryani should be perfectly balanced to complement the complex and dynamic flavours of biryani. Any green grape wine that has subtle flavours will go very well with the chicken biryani and you will enjoy it a lot.

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* Tandori Fish

Tandoori fish is the perfect food to eat when you want something delicious and healthy at the same time. It has a crispy outer skin and is surprisingly tender from the inside. The marination for Tandoori fish is generally full of flavourful spices that makes it taste scrumptious. Tandoori fish goes well with a glass of sparkling wine to make your meal benevolent. 

* Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is yet another famous food option, especially among vegetarians who cannot eat meat. Paneer tikka is full of flavours from the outside and the inside is extremely tender and melts into your mouth right away. Because it is a light snack itself, it is best paired with a fruity wine that has light and citrusy flavours. Paneer tikka has a lot of smoky flavours so it is best to pair it with something that has contrasting flavours and yet goes well with it. 

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* Prawn Curry

A bowl of succulent and flavourful prawn curry is enough to make your day special. Prawn curry is a very intricate dish that has layers of flavours. So it is hard to find a drink that accurately matches its intensity and compliments it well. A green grape wine that has some buttery and woody undertones will go well with prawn curry. This is a perfect balance of flavours and you will thoroughly enjoy the combination.

* Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is also a very famous vegetarian curry variety that is extremely smooth and slightly sweet. This can be eaten with both Roti and rice. The combination of this curry with a slightly fruity wine will taste scrumptious. This will bring out the perfect blend of flavours and help in balancing the individual tastes of both things. You can eat Malai Kofta with some crispy naan along with glasses of fruity wine.

This is a list of some delicious Indian dishes that go extremely well with wine. Never try to adopt a generic approach while pairing your drink with food. Even if we use the term wine, always remember that there are multiple types of wines available in the market. Carefully assess the taste of each of these wine variety and understand what goes well with the Indian dish that you want to eat.