7 Healthy Late-Night Snacks: Quick Recipes Using an Appam Pan
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Nighttime cravings can happen due to a variety of reasons, but it ultimately leads to only one thing, disrupted sleep. It strikes only when the exhausted body is about to wind down and you are in the middle of your sleep.

Packaged and conventional foods might be your only resolve, but if eaten for long can become a worst nightmare for your health. This is where quick homemade recipes become the ultimate hero.

When thinking about making quick and healthy snacks, conventional methods like baking or air frying play a huge role. The only drawback is, that it takes a lot of hassle to prepare meals and also takes a lot of time for cooking certain recipes.

After considering all these factors, the only solution remains cooking on a stovetop. In the world of quick stovetop recipes, Appam Pan has way too many possibilities by which you can whip up amazing and healthy recipes in just a few minutes.

7 Delectable Snacks To Make With Appam Pan

1) Besan Appe

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Besan appe uses the besan chilla batter with all the veggies combined along with spices of choice. Begin by mixing besan in some dahi or curd and add water to make it thin. Then add ajwain, turmeric, salt, ginger-garlic paste, grated carrots, chopped onions, tomatoes and almost any vegetable that you like. Mix it up and fry in appe pan until the crust becomes golden and the inside is well cooked. It takes hardly 5 minutes to cook.

2) Potato Beetroot Balls

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Potato beetroot balls promise a satisfactory experience with the heartyness of potatoes and sweet nodes of beetroot. Just combine mashed potatoes with grated beetroot and add chopped onions, grated ginger and garlic, chilli flakes, cumin powder, coriander powder, chaat masala, and salt. Drizzle some lemon juice, include chopped coriander and mix it well. Then create small balls of the mixture and fry in an appam pan with some oil.

3) Banana Pancake Balls

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Yes, you can make pancakes in an appam pan too! This banana pancake recipe merges the flavour of banana and bready appam to create a sweet and healthy delicacy perfect for midnight cravings. Soak some rava or sooji in a little water. Mash ripe bananas and add jaggery powder, baking powder, nutmeg, pinch of salt, and add the soaked rava. Mix it well to form a batter and rest it for 15 mins. After that, make appe from the batter and serve by drizzling some maple syrup.

4) Brown Bread Balls

One way to make bread balls without much oil is by air frying or baking them. The other way that requires less hassle is cooking it on an appam pan. To make the recipe even healthier, you can switch regular bread with brown bread and replace store-bought cheese with homemade cheese. You can include potato or other grated veggies to centre the ball and coat it with garlic butter after cooking.

5) Healthy Pizza Bites

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Pizza is an all-time favourite snack for cravings. It is even better when you turn this delightful treat into a healthy indulgence. And yes, Appam Pan can help you achieve that. To make pizza shots using an appam pan, you need to cut bread slices into small squares and use it as a base for pizza. Stuck it in the appam pan holes and top with all your toppings. Again, you can use healthy alternatives for this as well.

6) Choco Lava Cake Shots

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Choco Lava Cake Shots made with an appam pan will be a perfect and healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. To make the cake batter, mix milk with vegetable oil, vinegar, vanilla extract and sugar substitute. Then add cocoa powder, cake flour, baking powder, baking soda and some salt then mix it well. Brush the appam pan with oil and fill up the batter in the moulds. Cook it until the batter rises beautifully.

7) Appam Omelet

Omelette shots made with an appam pan turn out soft and fluffy from all sides. It doesn't require much preparation and you can start by making the usual omelette batter by combining chopped onions, coriander, chilli and other ingredients with some spices in the broken egg. Then you need to fill this egg mixture in appam moulds and cook evenly. It can also be your protein-packed breakfast.

These easy recipes will give you a health boost and satisfy the cravings to help you sleep better. Moving over conventional time-consuming methods, the immense possibilities of an appam pan can be your saviour when nighttime cravings knock.