7 Healthy And Filling Greek Yoghurt Dishes For Lunch

Among all the meetings, busy schedules and so on, the lunch you need must be nutritious. Leaving all the junk food behind, it's time for some easy lunchtime meal ideas with Greek yoghurt. Such healthy yet scrumptious dishes can make your lunch a delightful and flavourful experience. Greek yoghurt, with its protein, calcium, and probiotics, makes every dish way more nutritious and incredibly versatile. 

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Be it for a foodie, a weight-watcher or a grab-on-the-go eater, Greek Yoghurt dishes can be the star of the show. A light salad, a plate of butter chicken, or a cool, relaxing soup, Greek yoghurt simply makes your meal taste great and fill you up. So, now you have a bunch of healthy lunch options that give you the nutrients you need to get through the day. Here are some fantastic Greek yoghurt dishes perfect for a busy day's lunch.

7 Tasty Greek Yoghurt Dishes For A Nutritious Lunch

Greek Yoghurt Lemon Pasta

Greek Yoghurt Lemon Pasta is a creamy, tangy delight that's perfect for a busy lunch. Greek yoghurt, garlic, lemon zest, butter, and salt are mixed together in this dish instead of heavy cream to make a delicious sauce. Adding roasted cherry tomatoes or spinach boosts flavour and nutrition. The dish is excellent and quick to create, taking only a few minutes. With Greek yoghurt instead of regular cream sauce, the pasta is thick and rich without extra calories. 

Greek Yoghurt And Roasted Beetroot Salad

Ask anyone, and they will agree that beetroots are not always boring if you add a tasty twist. Though packed with nutrients, beetroots are often overlooked when it comes to taste. So, here's a not-so-usual idea. Roasted beet salad with Greek yoghurt and lime is easy to make and packed with flavour. The earthy sweetness of roasted beets pairs perfectly with the tartness of Greek yoghurt mixed with lime peels. Beets with creamy Greek yoghurt make a delicious and attractive salad. This beet with Greek yoghurt combination is certainly a great choice that offers a balance of flavours and textures. This simple but strong meal uses preserved limes to enhance beetroot flavours. 

Cold Cucumber Soup With Greek Yoghurt

Summer and cucumber are best of friends. The first makes life harder, and the latter works as a coolant. It's great to have cold cucumber soup with Greek yoghurt on a hot summer day. Plus, you don't need to add any extra effort to make any dish, and still, you appreciate the fresh taste of the summer produce. This cool soup doesn't need to be cooked, so it's quick and easy to make. This dish is ideal for individuals who want a light, healthy lunch while keeping hunger at bay for the next few hours. Simply blend seeded and chopped cucumbers with Greek yoghurt until smooth, then chill for at least eight hours, and you will have a cool, creamy soup with a refreshing flavour. Garnish with diced cucumber and red onion for added texture and flavour.

A Nourishing Chickpea Salad With Greek Yoghurt 

What magic chickpeas can do in a salad one may not believe until they try it! This Greek chickpea salad is filling and healthy, and it's great for lunch. This salad is tasty and filling because it has chickpeas, Greek yoghurt, fresh veggies, and herbs. The Greek yoghurt adds a creamy texture that binds the ingredients together, while the chickpeas provide protein and fibre. This versatile salad can be enjoyed independently or as a side dish. Some chicken, fish, or boiled eggs in this dish can make it a bit more protein-rich meal.

Butter Chicken With Greek Yoghurt

No Indian household is there where butter chicken is not adored. Butter chicken is a beloved dish, and using Greek yoghurt in the recipe makes it healthier and equally delicious. This version features tender chicken pieces simmered in a creamy tomato curry sauce enriched with Greek yoghurt and spices.  Whether you want to have steamed rice for lunch or some warm naan, butter chicken makes it a complete meal. 

Chicken Tikka Masala Infused With Gondhoraj Lime

Who doesn't want to have a lunch that takes all the work stress away? Try gondhoraj lime-infused chicken tikka masala for a flavourful and aromatic lunch. After marinating in Greek yoghurt with ginger and spices, tender charred chicken is cooked in a spiced tomato masala with Gondhoraj lime. The lime's unique aroma fills the chicken and sauce, making a delicious flavour mix. Greek yoghurt can be improved in traditional recipes, and it goes well with warm bread. The creamy yoghurt marinade tenderises the chicken and adds a rich, tangy taste that complements the spices beautifully.

Easy Juicy Lemon Baked Chicken With Greek Yoghurt

Chicken curry or basic chicken soup may not click every day for lunch. Hence, Greek Yoghurt lemon baked chicken is the answer. The marinade, made from Greek yoghurt, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, thyme, and seasonings, infuses the chicken with a tangy and aromatic taste. The yoghurt helps tenderise the chicken, keeping it moist and delicious. This protein-rich meal makes a fun and healthful lunch with family or friends. Served with a salad or vegetables, it's full and wholesome.

Greek yoghurt is a healthy and adaptable addition to any lunch and is sure to be a hit. By adding Greek yoghurt to your lunch, you can amp up the flavour and get the nutrients you need to power through the day.