7 Food-Related New Year Resolutions That People Break In A Week
Image Credit: Food | Image Credit: Pexels

Like any other year, this new year is also marked by people who are busy making new year resolutions. Among several other resolutions in life, what people primarily focus on every year is becoming fit and healthy. They make solemn resolutions to fix their lifestyle and food habits, and to be successful with what comes their way.  

However, it has been noticed that within mere days, often just the first weekend of January or by the time February arrives, many people move away from their resolutions and get back to their unhealthy lifestyles. The reason behind this break in promises made and goals targeted usually happen for one simple reason. People make unrealistic and impractical New Year resolutions around food that they fail to stick to. The more difficult these goals, the more the chances you will fail to stay on track and give up in a week or month. 

Here are 7 New Year resolutions that people fail to maintain even for a week. Take a look:  

  • Eating Out And Consuming Processed Food  

Like every year, eating food from outside is growing with expanding food delivery services right at the doorstep within minutes. Even if an individual plans to minimize or stop eating out, it becomes extremely difficult to escape the array of processed foods like bread, biscuits, chocolates, chips, dips, spreads, sodas, soft drinks, and so many ever-growing varieties of packaged food being sold in the nearest grocery store.  

  • Stop Drinking Tea Or Coffee  

Many people begin their day by drinking tea or coffee, both of which have some amounts of caffeine, which can be addictive. Some people are so addicted to these that a morning without tea or coffee would lead to headaches. To ward off the addiction, this New Year's resolution can be made to quit tea or coffee. However, it is easier said than done and the best way is to opt for alternatives like decaffeinated drinks.  

  • Not Eat Anything After Dinner  

Late-night snacking has become a habit among individuals, and it is the hardest thing to resist. This happens if you stay awake after dinner for more than two hours. Snacking at this hour can easily lead to weight gain, which is why many people wish to quit this habit. Thus, it is advisable to sleep soon after dinner.  

  • Stop Eating Anything With Sugar  

People with a sweet tooth are often heard saying, “There is always room for dessert,” then it is the resolution to be broken at first. Any sweet or dessert namely laddoos, Gajar ka halwa, chocolates, sauces, ice cream, and juices consists of sugar. Besides, tea or coffee also contains added sugar. It is important to monitor your sugar intake to prevent any potential health problems.  

  • Not Overeat  

All foodies struggle with portion control, and it is one of the best ways to keep oneself fit and healthy.  It is difficult to keep a check on how many momos are eaten in winter or golgappas in summer. This resolution requires ninja-level focus.  

  • Go Vegan This Year  

Veganism is a popular lifestyle in which people give up eating any kind of meat or milk products and restrict themselves from using any kind of animal products like leather shoes and belts. While this philosophy and way of living may look fancy, it is quite difficult to follow. Especially if an individual is a non-veg eater, it is difficult to indulge in a vegan diet instantly. Although there are several plant-based alternatives available, it can take a while to get used to it.  

  • Drink Enough Water Every Day  

Water is essential for our health and people get dehydrated for not drinking enough water in winter as well as in summer. This simple resolution is hard to follow especially when not feeling thirsty or is too busy to remember to consciously drink water all the time.