7 Food Items You Need To Give Separate Space In Your Kitchen
Image Credit: Image source: Pixabay

Buying vegetables and fruits in larger quantities and storing them is something we all find convenient. Most of us in today's life, have compact kitchen areas that we like to keep organised and beautiful. Veggies and fruit baskets serve the purpose, and we keep them in order of their use mostly. However, there are certain food items that shouldn't be kept next to each other or should be kept alone. This way you can maintain their taste and make them last long through correct storing ways. Here are 7 items you need to provide separate space in your kitchen.

Onions and potatoes

It's a very common practice in India to store these two regular items together. But you actually need to avoid this. Potatoes could be ruined when kept with onions. Keep them separately in an airy (but room temperature) place.

Don't store bananas in hooks

You'd like to keep them just as you bought but if you want to keep them good for longer than a little hack is needed. Bananas don't have a long shelf life, but you can manage them by separating them one by one and then storing them.

Avocados and bananas

Avocados should be kept with bananas especially if they are ripe. The gas released from bananas can spoil avocados. However, if you have the under-ripe ones, then you can keep them with bananas.

Store cucumber alone

We often store cucumbers with other items like tomatoes and even with fruits. Cucumbers spoil faster when in contact with ethylene gas. So, always keep your cucumbers in a separate basket.

Oranges and apples

Oranges can spoil your mild apples. Many times we store fruits together so they look good. They lose their health before fixing ours. It is better to store oranges in separate baskets because of the ethylene gas they produce.