7 Easy & Popular Yoghurt Dips One Can Enjoy With Food
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Yoghurt-based dips are creamy, delectable and healthy at the same time. These can be paired with all sorts of foods and snacks, including fried food, steamed food and even baked food. Eating simple ketchup with everything can be boring and buying dips full of preservatives from the market is not a smart idea. 

The best way to make delicious dips at home is by using yoghurt and some flavouring ingredients to give it a good kick of different flavours. Yoghurt is not just creamy and delicious but also extremely healthy for the body. Eating yoghurt during summer is extra beneficial. Multiple yoghurt-based tips can be made at home. Here are some tips that one must try making at home.

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* Mint Yoghurt Chutney

Most of us are aware of this famous dip that is served in all Indian restaurants and can be consumed with almost anything Indian. This robust dip is a union of the freshness of yoghurt and mint chutney. This mint chutney is made with a lot of healthy herbs and spices, including cilantro, mint and some green chilli. One can eat it with parathas, naan, samosas, fried snacks, and anything that one wants. 

* Sriracha Dip

This is a delicious and fiery dip that is made from some sriracha sauce and yoghurt. It is perfect for people who like having a spicy kick to their food. To give it a little bit of a tangy flavour, one may also add some lime juice and some human seed powder. The whole flavour of the dip will become scrumptious and one is  going to love pairing it with all sorts of snacks and food. 

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* Garlic Yoghurt Dip

Garlic gives a delicious taste to all sorts of food be it naan, dips, parathas, curries or anything. To make this refreshing and appetising dip, one has to take some Parmesan cheese and some lemon juice to give it a zesty and refreshing flavour. Fried foods are generally very dry and make one thirsty instantly. This is why it is always nice to pair a good refreshing dip with fried food that compliments its dryness and doesn't make one extremely dehydrated.

* Cucumber Yoghurt Dip

Cucumber yoghurt dip is also extremely hydrating and refreshing. It is a perfect dip for summer when one needs that extra dose of refreshment and hydration. Both of the ingredients are very light and can be used to make this scrumptious dip. One will also need some fresh dill to make the dip. Instead of using cucumber, one can also go for zucchini but remember that the taste will be very different. This is the perfect dip that can be paired with some onion rings or potato wedges. To give the dip some extra flavours, a person may add herbs of their choice.

* Tzatziki 

This is a delicious dip made from yoghurt that is very famous in Greece. It is a combination of various ingredients like garlic, mint and cucumber. It is not only refreshing but also has the perfect taste that goes along with all kinds of snacks and foods. The best part about this dip is that it tastes so good but the usage of ingredients is very minimal and it also gets prepared in under 10 minutes.

* Chipotle Yoghurt Dip

This dip is made by using some fiery chipotle peppers along with lemon zest and cilantro. The yoghurt balances the smokiness of peppers and gives it the needed balance. This is the perfect dip for somebody who likes eating spicy dips that have balanced flavours. It can be paired perfectly with some fried and crunchy snacks or as a topping sauce for sandwiches and burgers.

* Avocado Dip

This dip is made by using some fresh and ripe avocados that are mixed properly in thick yoghurt. The mixture of these two ingredients makes a perfect dip that is best combined with some nachos or chips. This is an extremely creamy dip and doesn't have a lot of flavours. If you want to add a pinch of black pepper and salt, then it will do a lot for the dip. One may also add some herbs of choice to make it even more flavoursome. 

* Herb Yoghurt Dip

This is a cheesy dip that one can enjoy with some baked bread. It is made by a combination of some crumbled cheese that is mixed into yoghurt and topped with some fresh herbs like parsley and chives. This dip is inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean and adds so many flavours to the already delicious food.

All of these dips can be made at home easily using some simple ingredients.