7 Different Ways To Make Creamy And Silky Risotto
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Risotto is a very simple but impactful dish from Italy that is believed to have originated in the 18th century. It is made by sautéing some rice in water along with a broth made from onions, sausages and lots of vegetables. Many people also like to add saffron and some Italian herbs gradually while the risotto is being cooked. 

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Risotto is specifically made from short-grain rice which is highly starchy as it helps in making the whole dish creamy and delectable. What made risotto excessively popular in Italy and the neighbouring countries is the availability of short-grain rice that is used to make this dish. Areas like Venice, Milan, and Genoa have a generous cultivation of short-grain rice because of the Mediterranean climate that suits the cultivation of this rice. If you are planning to make some delicious risotto at home, then here are six recipes that you can try.

* Artichoke Risotto 

Artichoke risotto is one of the most basic recipes to make risotto at home. It is made by combining very thinly sliced artichokes in a well-balanced mixture of broth and starchy rice. When the artichokes start getting cooked properly, one can start adding different types of Italian herbs, like rosemary, and thyme along with some salt and black pepper. This is an easy-to-make, slimy, and extremely fulfilling dish that one can have for lunch.

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* Seafood Risotto 

Seafood risotto is perfect for a house party or an outdoor barbeque party as it's going to blow away everyone's mind. The best part is that it's not even that hard to make. One has to start by roasting some tomatoes along with any other vegetable like baby corn or broccoli. Make sure that the variety of tomatoes that is chosen is very sweet. All of these grilled vegetables are combined into a heavenly mixture of starchy rice, water, and some shrimp or fish. This is going to be an utterly delicious and heavenly treat that everyone is going to remember.

* Sausage And Red Wine Risotto 

Using a little bit of wine and risotto can bring out the most extravagant and luxurious flavours in the dish. Not only this, it will also help in adding a ruby red colour leaving a pinkish hue behind. When red wine is combined with starchy rice and some sausages together, the risotto becomes exciting and delectable. For some cheesy touch, add Parmesan cheese and some crunchy hazelnut to the mixture to make it more satisfying.

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* Courgette Risotto 

A courgette risotto looks like a beautiful garden of green vegetables. Three of the most delicious ingredients, including basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, and courgette are responsible for giving the majority of the flavours to this dish. It is the depth of this dish that separates it from other recipes on the list. Adding a little bit of white wine to the dish can also make a lot of difference. However, if one doesn't want to add wine, they can add a little bit of vinegar instead. It is a comfort food that is also going to give the body a lot of nutrition.

* Turkey Risotto 

A turkey risotto can be a perfect Christmas treat and a way to use some leftover chicken. It is comforting, crispy, and also has a perfectly balanced gravy. Some turkey pieces are seasoned with Italian herbs and then combined with shredded coconut in a mixture of starchy rice and water. This is a well-balanced, and extremely comforting meal that one can have for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

* Squash & Sausage Risotto 

By now, everyone must have understood that sausages and risotto make for an amazing combination. When paired with some squashes, it gives the right amount of vitamins A and C to the body which keeps the immune system, the skin, and the gut healthy. For the final touches, one can add some Parmesan cheese along with mushrooms on the top. The sticky white rice pairs well with mushrooms and squash. 

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* Tomato And Parmesan Risotto 

The tomato and Parmesan cheese combination is widely used in making pizzas and pasta. One can also make the best of this combination to make a risotto by simply combining some cherry tomatoes with the best quality Parmesan cheese and adding it to sticky white and broth. Simply add some salt and black pepper for the final touch before serving it.