7 Delicious Mojito Cocktail Varieties You Should Enjoy
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Invented in the 1930s, Mojito Cocktail is a drink for the ages. The classic combination of white rum, mint and lime works wonders, which is the reason why Mojito Cocktail is popular worldwide. Some experts believe the Mojito Cocktail was invented in Havana, Cuba, at a restaurant-bar called La Bodeguita Del Medio. Others believe the Mojito Cocktail was actually invented in the 1500s, or by African slaves working in sugar plantations in the Latin American region. 

But no matter who invented the Mojito Cocktail, nobody can deny the fact that the simplicity of the drink has wooed people across the world. In fact, the drink is so popular that it has been adapted into many varieties of Mojito Cocktail, and even Mojito Mocktail. The reason behind this popularity is simple. Mojito Cocktail combines the fruity flavour of rum, with zingy-zesty lime and refreshingly herby mint! Because the mint leaves are muddled first, it releases the flavours of the herb. Once the lime juice, syrup, rum and ice cubes are added and shaken together, it tastes absolutely delicious.  

There are many variations of this basic Mojito Cocktail mix. Here are some you should know about to make your next party interesting. 

Strawberry Mojito Cocktail 

The addition of sweet and tart strawberries can turn a simple Mojito cocktail into a yummy drink tailor-made for the season of spring. The reason why this Strawberry Mojito Cocktail works is that the classic muddling technique used for a basic Mojito also applies here. Muddling the strawberries with mint leaves can release the flavours of both. You can also add a fresh strawberry to the drink before serving. 

Watermelon Mojito Cocktail 

Now this is a Mojito Cocktail perfect for summers! While deseeding watermelon might be a bit of a work, once that’s done, this recipe for Watermelon Mojito Cocktail gets so easy that you could whip it up any time. Instead of muddling the watermelon and mint together, you could also grind them and strain them before adding the rest. 

Coconut Mojito Cocktail 

What happens when the flavours of a Mojito Cocktail blend with that of a tropical fruit? Brilliance, and that’s what this Coconut Mojito Cocktail is! You can add coconut cream or coconut milk to whip up this delicious cocktail any given day, although, keep the proportion low if you aren’t sure how the blend will taste. Adding a bit of soda water is also recommended if you’re using coconut cream. 

Image courtesy: Unsplash


Pineapple Mojito Cocktail 

Take a few chunks of pineapple, muddle or grind them with mint leaves, strain the syrup and add the rest of the Mojito Cocktail to make this beautiful take on the classic. You can also use pineapple juice or pineapple syrup to make a Pineapple Mojito Cocktail, but the cocktail tastes best when prepared with fresh pineapple. In fact, if you are having a tropical theme party, adding this one and a few Pina Coladas would work wonders! 

Mango Mojito Cocktail 

The queen of all summer fruits, mango, tastes brilliant in all drink forms, whether it’s a lassi, a shake or an alcoholic beverage. But trust us when we say that a Mango Mojito Cocktail is the drink you definitely need to enjoy during summers, because nothing pairs as well as mango, mint and lime! Blend the mango with mint leaves, strain and add the rest of the ingredients to make the drink. 

Peach Mojito Cocktail 

If you think having some Peach Iced Tea is a great way to beat the summer heat, then wait till you try this Peach Mojito Cocktail. The sweet flavour of peach, when muddled with mint leaves, works really well for a Mojito Cocktail. You can also grind the peaches before adding them to the drink, but do add a slice or cube of the fruit to the final product. 

Cucumber Mojito Cocktail 

Cucumber is a great ingredient to have during summers, so why not whip up a Cucumber Mojito Cocktail and make the season refreshing? All you need to do is muddle some fresh cucumber pieces with the mint leaves, then add the other Mojito Cocktail ingredients. You could also add cucumber slices to the drink once it’s ready.