7 Creative Papad Snack Recipes For Late-Night Indulgence
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Papad has been a quintessential addition to Indian meals for a long time. These crunchy and delicious thin krispies are enough to bring excitement to the most boring meals. With several topping options, the taste of papad gets even better.

Not only is papad delicious, but it is also low in calories. So, you can eat it guilt-free anytime, especially when you crave a snack late at night. With a variety of flavours to try, you can have the perfect papad flavour for your taste buds as well.

Apart from the classic deep-fried and roasted methods, there are many other ways to cook papad with which you can make a tantalising snack. Read on below to discover how many things you can make with it to curb your anytime cravings.

7 Papad Snacks You’ve Got To Try Today

1) Papad Lasagna

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Sure, it sounds intriguing, and it also tastes extremely delicious! Papad can be used as lasagna sheets and be converted into a healthy pasta recipe ladened with sauce and cheese. By layering soaked papad with sauce and cheese in a casserole and baking it to perfection, you can have an easy gourmet treat instantly.

2) Papad Paratha

Transforming papad into an innovative paratha recipe, this snack hits all the spots with a tantalising flavour. Use roasted or fried papad, crush it and mix with spices and veggies of your choice to make a paratha filling. Stuff it into dough and make crispy and delicious  flat breads.

3) Papad Chaat Cone

Using papad sheets as a vessel to hold your chaat filings, you can make a delicious cone chat to savour at anytime. Wet papad can be easily transformed into a cone and roasted in the oven or over a fire. Once you've made the vessel, fill it with your desired chaat fillings and chutneys to enjoy.

4) Papad Potato Rolls

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Spring rolls are a beloved treat, but once you switch the traditional dough sheet with papad, there's no going back. First, the papad sheets are cut into squares, converted into rolls and filled with a masala potato filling. Then they're fried in hot oil until crispy golden. With these easy steps, you can make the tastiest potato rolls ever.

5) Papad Samosa

Just like you can make a roll with papad, you can also shape it into a triangle to make a delicious samosa wrap. You can include meat fillings as well. The taste is unmatched and the way fillings complement the pungent and spicy taste of papad gives it the most satisfying feeling.

6) Papad Bhel

Crumpled fried papad can go extremely well with a tangy and savoury bhel mixture. When you use papad instead of papdi for bhel, the flavours get intense and every bite makes you relish a spicy kick with unbelievably good crunchiness.

7) Papad Raita

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Papad raita late in the night can be more satisfying than any dessert treat. Using Greek yoghurt, you can make a mildly digestive-friendly raita and add some crispy crumbs of papad on top. Not only does papad give it a delightful crunch, but its pungent flavours make it more toothsome.

Papad gets a revamped touch with these extraordinary but simple creations. Whether you want a snack for late-night binge-watching sessions or want to curb hunger, these papad snacks are sure to delight.