Italian cuisine has its own loyal fan following in Delhi. While we may have many places selling pizzas and pastas doused in cheese, rare are those who actually served an authentic fare. Well, I have nothing against delicacies packed with cheese (slurping already), but when Italy is so far, you would want to try anything that brings you closer to it, isn’t it? Pasta is one of the most popular Italian dishes in India considering one rarely gets it wrong. People love the mildly spiced, sometimes cheesy, and sauce penne or ravioli paired with wine for a nice meal. And Delhi has no dearth of restaurants dishing out all sorts of pastas.  

We’ve got a list of 7 best pasta places you must not miss for those creamy cravings.

1. Artusi Ristorante

One of the most authentic trattorias you’ll find in Delhi, Artusi in Gurgaon is a fine-dining delight with an intimate setting perfect for a date. But what works more is the food that ranges from Chittara Lobster to Spaghetti Matriciana among others, that are sure to impress a pasta lover to no end. And they don’t just have one or two, but an array of pasta varieties to choose from to woo your taste buds.


2. Café Tonino

While Tonino’s central location is a major plus point, its Italian breakfast is what makes it win-win. With a Tuscan village-like vibe Tonino serves up a plateful of Ravioli di Pere e Pecorino which comes with homemade ravioli with pear & pecorino tossed in almond sage butter sauce, this is one of our all-time favourites. Their garlic chicken risotto too is worth a try.

3. Diggin

A place to make your Instagram feed prettier, Diggin is perfect to chill with your friends over cheesy of pastas, grilled chicken or pizzas or for a dinner date too. Their signature Ravioli is the one you can fall in love with at the first bite.


4. The Big Chill Café

One of the most loved cafes for all things Italian, Big Chill Café has the heart of many Delhiites who swear by its cheesy pastas. If you ask me, there’s more to it beyond the classic pastas. For instance, grilled fish in mustard and white wine sauce is my go-to besides Lamb Bolognese. With an expansive menu covering mouth-watering penne pasta, raviolis and more, Big Chill also offers thick and decadent shakes.


5. Smoke House Deli

A popular European restaurant, Smoke House Deli has a delicious range of pastas including one of the most loved Fettuccini with Cheese Alfredo. But what makes this place all the more interesting is the fact that you can create your own Masterchef Pasta, by choosing your own pasta, sauce, and toppings. Interesting, isn’t it?


6. Amici Café

If your idea for the weekend is authentic Italian without spending too much, Amici is the place to be. Its signature pastas including Smoked Salmon and Roasted chicken with Sun-dried tomatoes is something you cannot miss while being there. Besides you can always nosh upon refreshing salads and pizzas.  

7. Café Diva

Can you imagine Chef Ritu Dalmia ever going wrong? With a reputation like that, you can rest assured that when you visit her restaurant, it would be a phenomenal experience. While it does have a fairly expensive menu, you can’t really help but drool over their Aglio Olio or Porcini Mushroom pasta.


So where are you heading first?