7 Amazing Spring Roll Fillings For After-Dinner Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

Do you feel like some spring rolls? With so many fullness and flavour combinations, these delicious Chinese appetisers are quite easy to prepare at home. Additionally, they are incredibly versatile, making it simple to experiment with savoury and sweet components and make vegan or vegetarian spring rolls.

Additionally, you can experiment by incorporating flavours from various areas, including mung bean noodles, prawns, and leafy greens, into Vietnamese spring rolls. You have complete control over how you stuff your spring rolls. However, if you're in need of some cooking ideas, check out these simple, well-balanced, and incredibly tasty spring roll recipes. Which are you going to make first?

Spring Rolls Fillings For After Dinner Cravings

1. Shrimp Spring Rolls 

Shrimp works well with various flavour profiles, making it ideal for a summertime spring roll recipe or adding extra protein. For a light, summery dinner packed with protein, try stuffing your spring rolls with grilled shrimp, shredded carrots, and your preferred greens. Arrange your vegetables and greens in the middle of the rice paper, then place three or four prawns on top of them. Roll to the end, cut in half, and enjoy!

2. Sweet And Sour Spring Rolls

Fruit-filled spring rolls offer a delightful surprise inside, making them a great way to introduce spring rolls to your children or just to experience a dessert version of the traditional dish. Arrange mango, kiwi, strawberries, and fresh mint on your rice paper for a delicious nibble. These delicious rolls taste great with feta cheese, fresh melon, and lemon juice.

3. Spicy Black Olive Tapenade 

While not all traditional spring roll recipes are spicy, many are vegetarian. But it's impossible to resist giving the food a little boost whenever possible! Your mouth may burn, but the flavour of something like this hot and spicy black olive tapenade paired with savoury vegetables and a crispy, delectable spring roll dough is the stuff of dreams.

4. Rice Spring Rolls With Smoked Salmon

Yes, you know that spring and summer rolls, or rice rolls, are distinct products with distinct origins, but you are also aware that those who enjoy one also frequently prefer the other! Because of this, it was impossible to resist adding these delicious smoked salmon rice rolls to the list! Their flavour is crisp and light, perfectly balancing the rice paper and vermicelli within. 

5. Spring Rolls With Carrots, Apples, And Cheese

Do you think a spring roll's crunchy texture and flaky covering are its best features, so you could eat one packed with almost anything? This one, however, will allow you to use truly unconventional flavours! The filling of spring rolls is made with cheese, apples, and carrots. That taste and the delightful crunch on the outside make cooking messy and worthwhile!

6. Spring Rolls With Ground Meat And Bean Sprouts

Are you seeking a dish that will bring the flavours closer to what you expect but would rather stick to a meat-centric diet because you're not a big fan of vegetables? Then, maybe this recipe for ground meat of choice with bean sprouts is the ideal fit for you! Learn how to prepare the filling, cook, and season the rolls to perfection.

7. Quinoa Spring Rolls

Are you still pondering the summery rice rolls from the list, but you're not sure you could utilise vermicelli inside because you've never been sure of its consistency? Are you searching for fish substitutes because you follow a vegan diet? If so, you should give this fantastic concept a try! It's vegan and gluten-free since the main ingredient is quinoa rather than vermicelli, and flavourful red peppers are used instead of the fish.

Add creativity to your spring roll recipe using these inventive fillings and distinctive twists. These spring roll ideas provide you with all the alternatives for the ideal meal, including meaty, spicy, savoury, and even sweet ingredients.