7 Amazing Fine Dining Restaurants In Delhi-NCR
Image Credit: Photo: Azmaan Baluch

Are you all set to get out of your homes and visit your favourite restaurants? Let's just say that the wait was long but the fruit will be sweet. Here we list 7 restaurants that you must visit as soon as you can. We're so glad that these restaurants are open to diners now. But please ensure that you are wearing a mask and take all the necessary precautions when you go in. Let's start! 

1. Italiano 

This restaurant has the finest ambience in Gurgaon. From the moment you step in the place, you cannot fail to notice how tastefully the place has been set up. May it be the gorgeous paintings hanging behind you, or the feel-good quotations about ‘il dolce far niente', Italiano truly captures ‘the’ Italy. Go for the sangria and pizza! 

2. The House of Celeste

One of the places which opened for business just last year, however, has got a lot to show! Charming and delightful, the House of Celeste has got the zest to be one of the best India has seen! 

3. Burma Burma 

Burma Burma is so popular that every time you’ll try to reserve a table, there will already be an apologetic reply from the other side requesting you to choose another time and date. So, you get the point. Call up there, as fast as you can. Go. 

4. Tres 

Tres is truly special. We cannot wait to see the newest dishes which the restaurant has come up with post lockdown. We’ve been impressed with Tres since the day we heard about their tomato flatbread, topped with truffles and house-made potato chips! It goes above and beyond what we expected. Put it on the list! 


Well, everyone must have known by now that Havemore has a new branch in Saket. This was announced during the lockdown. We just had to put Havemore on our list, since we are anticipating the day we go in for kebabs, butter naan, butter chicken, butter paneer masala, pineapple raita…you get the point. We’ve heard the place looks smashing. 

6. United Coffee House Rewind 

One of the more happening places in Gurgaon is UCH Rewind. It never gets boring if you’ve seen the menu! For every single person out there, there will always be something that they'd would want to eat more and will gladly come back for. 

7. The Wine Company

Not just the wines, but also the tapas! It’s a shame that The Wine Company had been closed for business. It is the go-to place for people who work in the hood. But we hope that you’ll definitely head up there to marvel at the gorgeous wine selection inside now that the doors open again!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these recommendations. Delhi-NCR is definitely slowly picking pace. But it’ll be a while before dining out will be safe without a mask. Choose wisely, and only go to restaurants that ensure safety for all the guests.