6 Whole Grains To Have For Overall Health And Wellness

Talking about a healthy diet, whole grains always crawl their way to the discussion. Since ancient times, whole grains have always been an essential part of a healthy diet. Powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, carbs and other essential nutrients, whole grains can help in the healthy functioning of brain, muscles, bones and almost part of the body. Unlike refined grains, whole grains are known for their high nutritional value. They contain fiber, magnesium, iron, vitamin B, phytonutrients etc., and are something that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Here are 6 whole grains that you must have in the diet for overall health and wellness! 


An excellent source of fiber, barley is loaded with phytochemicals as well as soluble fiber beta-glucan. These compounds can help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body and boosting immunity. Beta-glucan helps in improving gut health. It also contains selenium, manganese, and thiamine which can benefit the body in so many ways. One can have barley in salads, soups etc. 

Video credits: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana/YouTube


This gluten-free whole grain has a high protein content and is also rich in manganese, phosphorus as well as magnesium. With an earthy and nutty flavour and a chewy texture, this gluten-free seed also consumed as whole grain, is a must have in the diet because of high nutrients and multiple benefits for the body. 


With high polyphenols oats are rich in beta beta-glucan, that can reduce bad cholesterol from the body and can also prevent cancer in some cases. Not just can it lower blood pressure, it also contains fiber, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, copper, manganese as well as selenium. With oats, one can have a healthy and gluten-free meal beneficial for the body. 


Often considered a boon for weight loss, this South American grain is super healthy. Quinoa is a great source of vegetable protein and contains essential amino acids. Besides, its low carbs and high protein content makes it ideal for weight loss too. It is also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and folic acid, quinoa makes up for a healthy and nutritious meal. 

Brown Rice 

Yet another nutritious whole grain is brown rice. High in fiber, minerals, vitamins as well as plant protein, brown rich contain many essential nutrients much higher than the regular refined rice. Brown rice also contains valuable phytochemicals like essential amino acids, fiber, minerals, flavonoids, and thus, could be a boon for overall health. 


Ragi is gluten-free grain that can work like magic for the body. It is packed with calcium, fiber, good carbs, vitamin D as well as amino acids. This little grain can help in prevent and control diabetes, can battle anemia, is good for skin and can help in healthy functioning of heart. It can promote faster weight loss too. 

Include these whole grains in your diet and live a healthy life!