6 Ways To Reuse The Burnt Milk Rather Than Throwing It Away
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Very often, people end up neglecting their boiling milk, and it eventually gets burnt. Nobody likes drinking burnt milk as it has a very strong underlying taste that is too evident to be ignored. In this case, most people prefer throwing the burnt milk away. However, this is an immense waste of food and can be easily avoided by thinking of some creative ways to use burnt milk. 

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A delightful way to reuse burnt milk is to think of recipes where the taste of the milk is not too evident because of the use of some other flavourful condiments. By doing so, one can ease oneself from the burden of the mishap and avoid wasting food unnecessarily. So here are some of the top ways through which one can utilise burnt milk at home.

* Making Flavoured Butter

Butter is a churned form of milk that is made by constantly shaking and beating milk for a long time after the solid components start separating from the liquid components. Burnt milk can be easily used to make some flavoured butter. Flavoured butter is generally made by mixing a strong ingredient like cardamon or peanut butter to give a unique taste to the versatile texture of the butter. This butter can be used as a spread or added in different recipes to add extra creaminess to the dish. The taste of the burnt milk easily overlaps because of changes in the taste and texture of the milk. 

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* Creamy Soups

Having a bowl of creamy soup with some sautéed vegetables is one of the best possible dinner options. Although everyone likes having a thick and creamy soup, using cream to make soup is not a practical option as it is full of fat and not at all healthy. So, a great way of using burnt milk is to purée some vegetables and burnt milk to make a creamy paste. This purée can be used to make a thick soup that is seasoned with some herbs and spices. The milk will give a very luscious texture to the soup and is a better alternative to heavy cream. Because of the use of different vegetables and spices, the taste of the burnt milk will be suppressed.

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* Baking Breads

Milk is a very important part of the baking process and is used to bake different types of breads, cakes, muffins, and puffs. An effective way of making the best use of burnt milk is to bake bread or another, making good out of it. Including a bit of smoky flavour in bread can instantly enhance their flavour and make them taste better. One can try baking bread with the help of some burnt milk and see if they like the taste or not. In most cases, burnt milk helps in making very good breads that taste extremely tempting.

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* Making Tea

A lot of people might not like this idea, but one doesn't have to simply reuse the burnt milk directly to make tea out of it. Before making tea with burnt milk, one must incorporate a simple step. Simply add some water to the milk to dilute its flavour and smell. Keep it like that for a few minutes in the fridge before making tea or coffee with the help of this diluted milk. This simple trick can also be used to reuse burnt milk to make other dishes. One must let the milk rest for some time after adding the water so that both these liquids get mixed properly.

* Making Desserts 

In India, a lot of desserts are made using milk. In this case, making desserts like falooda and rabri with the help of burnt milk can be a great idea to utilise and not waste burnt milk. But before using the milk, one has to add a lot of ice cubes to the milk as it will help suppress the strong burnt smell of the milk. It will also help in making the milk taste better. After doing this process, one can simply use the milk to make the dessert of their choice. One must prefer making desserts that are served cold as a lot of ice cubes are added to the milk, so it's better to make a cold dessert.

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* Making Hot Chocolate 

Chocolate naturally has a very strong aroma and taste. It can instantly overpower the taste of any other ingredient in a dish if it's used in a generous quantity. One great way to tackle the unpleasant smell and taste of burnt milk is to use a lot of dark chocolate to make a chocolate drink out of it. A great way to utilise burnt milk is to use a lot of dark chocolate and add it to the burnt milk to give it a nice flavour and texture. Adding some marshmallows and other flavouring ingredients can further elevate the taste and change the way burnt milk tastes.