6 Vibrant Orange Cocktails That Can Tantalize Your Tastebuds
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Oranges are the shield against summer woes. They taste extraordinary when incorporated in cocktails. Whether it's a night celebration or afternoon get-together with friends, oranges in vodka and tequila will never disappoint. In addition, pool or beach parties are just incomplete without orange cocktails. You can try the below-mentioned 6 most exotic and delicious orange cocktails to tantalize your tastebuds

Sour Sunrise

Just like the name, the shades and the taste of this cocktail are equally good. The sunrise cocktails are simply best for summer parties. Apart from tequila and orange, it has a unique flavour of bourbon to it that adds extra sourness.

Spicy Blood Orange Margarita

Looking for something splendid for a lavish celebration? Oranges can be of good help. Tequila, blood orange, jalapeño syrup, and lime make an irresistible drink that looks beautiful because of its colour and taste too.

Orange Creamsicle

Craving something creamy with the freshness of oranges in a cocktail? This ice cream cocktail-inspired drink will be tempting enough. You can add vanilla vodka or whipped cream vodka and relish the mix of flavours.

Grilled Orange Cobbler

Grilled oranges may sound unique for a companion to your wine, but they taste great together. It is perfect for drinking during a get together with friends.

Orange Vodka Martini

This simple martini cocktail recipe will never fail to freshen up your soul. Just some orange juice, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and your favourite vodka, are all you need to make this cocktail. Serve with preferred garnishing and enjoy your summer evenings.

Chocolate Orange-tini

Chocolate and oranges together in a cocktail is a dream come true. Its heavenly taste comes from vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and orange juice together.