6 Varieties Of The Healthy Zucchini You Must Know
Image Credit: Unsplash

We are all aware of how healthy and nutritious zucchini is, along with its versatility and even better taste. Zucchini tastes amazing when sauteed, added to noodles, pastas, and even as pakoras. The options are abundant when it comes to this vegetable. But did you know that there are other varieties of this vegetable too? They all are extremely wholesome and taste great. Here’s a list of different types of zucchini with different characteristics you must know to expand your pantry.

1. Round Zucchini

This kind has the distinctive flavour of zucchini. It tastes slightly bitter and sweet. Cooking and eating it raw both maintain its sensitive texture. Its charming circular shape will astound you. What are your thoughts on using round zucchini given its peculiar shape? This zucchini is used to make stuffing. Isn’t that amazing? The deep green shell is concealed by the bright components. Upon seeing it, your mouth will start to moisten. Additionally, you may grill it and slice it to create the ideal summertime snack. Another excellent idea is to cook it in oil.

2. Black Beauty

The most common and known variety of zucchini is Black Beauty. You all must be familiar with this one. Its shape is customarily long and narrow, and its flavour is subdued. The flesh within is a delicate white colour, but the skin is a dark green tone. Any recipe that asks for zucchini, including salads, baked goods, gravies, and soups, can be made using this type. You can eat it raw or use it to create pickles.

3. Caserta

This one is an heirloom variety of the zucchini and not only that, it is quite popular. The gorgeous tint that changes between dark and light green shades is one standout trait. The form is another distinctive characteristic. Caserta zucchini have a straight shape while they are young but develop a crookneck shape as they mature. It is really flavorful and works well for stir-frying, steaming, or even sautéing.

4. Zucchini Flowers

Moving on from the veggies, we have flowers that are completely edible and a kind you can feast on. They are so tasty that you will keep asking for more. The fruit’s top is where the flowers are located. Light yellow makes up the bottom, while orange makes up the top. It is frequently combined with stuffing, bacon, ricotta, and mushrooms to produce quesadillas. It is additionally a well-liked component of egg meals like frittatas and omelettes.

5. Magda

This is one of those zucchinis that carries a sweet and nutty flavour profile. Magda is dense and crisp, with a wide, stuffing-friendly body that is a light shade of green. You’ll desire to devour it right away after picking it, no matter how you prepare it. This one is the finest when consumed as soon as possible.

 6. Golden Egg

Don’t worry, it is not an egg. This zucchini got its interesting name due to its distinct appearance that resembles an egg. The flavour is frequently characterised as tasting like chartreuse. For those of you who don’t know, chartreuse is a kind of French liquor. It’s sweet, as you might expect. The sweetness of the golden egg makes it a top option for baking. A few suggestions include pancakes, toast, and muffins. Not a great baker? Zucchini fritters are a surefire winner.