6 Varieties Of Chaas To Enjoy This Summer Season
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Chaas, also known as buttermilk, is a traditional Indian beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries, particularly during the scorching summer months. This refreshing drink offers a delightful combination of coolness, tanginess, and subtle flavours, making it a popular choice to beat the heat and quench one's thirst. 

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One of the most common variations of chaas is the addition of spices such as roasted cumin powder, black salt, and freshly ground pepper, which enhance the flavour profile and lend a unique aromatic quality to the drink.

Masala Chaas

Masala chaas is one of the common variants of flavoured chaas. The spicy kick from the spices gives a tantalising effect on the Indian palate which is loved by all. This masala refreshing chaas includes, tangy yoghurt, chilled water, mint leaves and for spices a beautiful blend of black salt, chaat masala and cumin. The blend of all this results in a frothy beverage which is extremely healthy and refreshing during the harsh days of summer. To top this drink with some extra freshness you can also add mint and coriander leaves. 

Coriander Chaas

Bursting with flavour, this traditional Indian beverage combines yoghurt, water, and freshly chopped coriander leaves. Each sip delivers a zesty punch of tangy yoghurt, balanced by the earthy freshness of coriander. The addition of roasted cumin powder adds depth, while a pinch of black salt enhances the savoury notes. Perfectly chilled, Coriander Chaas is not just a thirst-quencher but a revitalising treat that will leave you feeling cool and rejuvenated on even the hottest days.

Beetroot Chaas

If you are bored of plain white coloured chaas then this summer you should try beetroot chaas. This summer beverage features the earthy flavours of beetroot along with yoghurt or dahi, and for the kick you can add cumin poweder, green chillies, ginger and black salt. Garnished with mint leaves, this drink provides health benefits too along with a refreshing taste. The yoghurt and ginger is great for summers keeping you body detox, hydrated and cool. The vibrant colour of this drink is what attracts people towards consuming it on scorching days. 

Smoked Chaas

This refreshing beverage combines the coolness of traditional chaas with a hint of smokiness, elevating your taste buds to new heights. Crafted with yoghurt, water, and a dash of smoked spices like cumin and paprika, it offers a tantalising fusion of creamy texture and bold flavours. Sip and savour the harmonious blend of tanginess and earthy notes, making Smoked Chaas a must-have for those scorching summer days.

Cucumber Chaas

Cucumber and yogurt both are great for the coming summer season. Hence blending them in one such drink is a great idea to keep your body hydrated. This national blend contains grated chopped cucumbers along with yoghurt, ginger, green chilli,  cumin salt and mint leaves. For attaining a more texture in the drink you can also top it off with some chopped cucumber for that cruch in every sip. 

Komal Chaas

Komal chaas a drink crafted with the ingredients like yoghurt, coconut milk, and a hint of roasted cumin powder, green chilli , sugar and salt for a zesty kick. The addition of chopped coriander leaves elevates its freshness, leaving a burst of flavour on your palate. Light, creamy, and tangy, Komal Chaas is not just a drink; it's a rejuvenating experience that perfectly complements scorching summer days in Gujarat.