6 Traditional Chutneys That Will Keep Your Stomach Happy
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Chutneys are a famous side dish in India that instantly elevates a boring meal. There are different types of chutneys popular in different regions of the country. The best part about these chutneys is that they do not require a lot of time to be prepared, unlike other main course meals. One simply needs a handful of ingredients and 10 to 15 minutes to prepare divine chutneys that can easily replace main course dishes prepared after hard work of a couple of hours. 

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A lot of chutneys have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties too, making them great for your taste buds as well as for health. There are a lot of summer-friendly chutneys that can help the gut stay healthy during such prominent temperature volatility. Here are chutneys that you must try this summer season.

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* Peanut Chutney

A peanut chutney is also called the groundnut chutney. This is a speciality from Maharashtra and is made from some dry roasted peanuts, crushed green chillies, shredded coconut, fresh coriander leaves and cumin seeds. In Maharashtra, it is traditionally enjoyed with snacks like Bhakri, Thalipeeth, and other such dry snacks in the form of a dip. The chutney has significant cooling properties and can also be enjoyed with flatbreads and other snacks such as dhoklas and Idli.

* Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is tangy, sour, and very fresh. It is also eaten with boiled rice, Idli, dosa, and a lot of other South Indian snacks. In the Southern part of India, tomato chutney is made by mixing red chillies, garlic, onions, some tempered curry leaves, mustard seeds, and urad dal. All these ingredients together make a very thick paste of different ingredients combined. The outcome is a very flavourful condiment that goes well with a lot of snacks.

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* Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney is a staple in South Indian cuisine and is famous for its refreshing and nutty flavours. Contrary to popular opinion, coconut Chutney is not just made from shredded coconuts. It is a concoction of a lot of interesting ingredients such as roasted chana dal, green chillies, mustard, seeds, ginger, salt, curry, leaves, and dried red chillies. This chutney is so delicious that it can be enjoyed with all types of snakes and flatbread. In the Southern part of India, people like to eat it with idlis. 

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* Mango Ginger Chutney

A mango chutney is the best way to utilise the flavours of mangoes to the fullest. This sweetness of mangoes goes very well with the strong and savoury flavours of ginger. The tangy undertones of a ripe mango also help suppress the strong flavours of ginger and strike a perfect balance. Other ingredients that are added to this chutney to make a harmonious blend of all the flavours include spices, ginger, sugar, vinegar, and other ingredients. It is a thick chutney that goes very well with parathas.

* Tamarind Chutney

A tamarind chutney is very sweet and tangy. This chutney is made from the pulp of tamarind, and the pulp is mixed with spices like ginger, cumin, and chilli powder. Other ingredients that are used to make the chutney include dates, sugar, and jaggery. Tamarind is extremely sour in its original form. So it becomes necessary to balance off the sourness with sweeter ingredients. Tamarind chutney is very popular in India and is used in chaat, as a dip with samosas, and kachoris and also added in fruit salads. Some people also like to use this chutney as a marinade. 

* Mint Chutney

Having a mint chutney with basically any snack or flatbread is the right way to revitalise the mind in the morning. Mint is known for its refreshing taste and the ability to instantly rejuvenate the body and mind. It is an ingredient that is pervasively used to make a lot of cooler. A mint chutney is made by taking some fresh mint leaves and adding garlic, cloves, coriander leaves, a little bit of water and some basic spices in the mixture. All of these ingredients are blended in a food processor until a thick paste is formed. Mint chutney can be served with some deep-fried snacks like pagodas, and samosas, and even used as a layering sauce for sandwiches.

* Ajwain Chutney

Ajwain chutney is a unique type of chutney that is extremely popular in Karnataka. It is extremely spicy and tangy. The main ingredient that is used to make this chutney is the ajawain ki patte. This chutney is generally enjoyed with a hot bowl of white rice. Other ingredients that are used to make the stepney include chana, dal, curry leaves, grated, coconut, tamarind, pulp, salt, and some cooking oil.