6 Tips To Wash And Maintain A Matka During Summer
Image Credit: Unsplash

As the summer season approaches, the heat starts to take the most of people. The constant sweating, dehydration, etc, makes it really hard to get through the high temperature. But there is one fool-proof hack that has been used for centuries to keep cool during summer. And the secret is to use matkas or earthen pots to keep the water or any fluid cooler.

Apart from keeping the water cool, a matka also enhances the taste and keeps the water free from any chemicals that would have seeped in the case of plastic containers. So, if you are storing water in clay pots this season, you must also ensure that you are washing and maintaining it properly. Here are some tips to keep your matka hygiene up to the mark.

Prep Your Matka

At the onset of the summer season, when you take out the earthen pot or buy a new one, the first step is to prep it. To do so, you should soak the matka in clean water for at least two days to prepare the clay, seal the pores, and prevent any leaks. After soaking, scrub the insides of the matka. Then, you can let it dry by keeping it in an open space that gets indirect sunlight.

Storing It Right

If you want to ensure that your matka lasts for years, you should store it properly. Ensure that the earthen pot is not placed in direct sunlight, as it can cause the matka to crack. You should always keep it in a cool place that has good air circulation, thus keeping the stored matka water cold.

Daily Cleaning

To maintain the matka, it is advised that it be cleaned on a regular basis. You might skip the drying part, but scrubbing the insides with a clean cloth is non-negotiable to get rid of any deposits on the bottom. So, before filling another round of water, you can scrub your clay pot and keep it dry on a weekly basis.

Avoid Chemicals And Detergents

While it is advised to clean the matka daily, you should take note to avoid washing it with any harsh soaps or chemical detergents. Since the matka is made with porous clay, the chances are that the chemicals from the detergents will leach into the pores, contaminate the water and affect the taste and purity of your drinking water.

Regularly Replace Water

The water stored in a matka should ideally replaced within one to two days. If you have a bigger pot and you’re not able to finish the filled water daily, try to fill it as much as you can drink in a day. This way, you can avoid wastage of water and prevent it from turning warmer due to the hot weather.

Dealing With Leaks And Moulds

If you find any leakage happening, you can fix it easily in the early stages. You can make a paste of slaked lime and water, apply a thin layer to the leak, and let it dry. There might also be a scenario when you might not be able to wash the matka and detect mould growth. In such a case, you should spill the water and scrub the matka with a mixture of lemon juice and water, then let it dry before refilling.