6 Tips To Prepare Perfect Banana Chips At Home
Image Credit: Banana Chips | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Chips are loved by all for their crispy and crunchy texture and flavourful nature. While potato chips are classic and authentic, several varieties of chips are now available in the market. One of them is banana chips. This South Indian delicacy is loved for its irresistible crispy texture and golden colour.    

Banana chips are super addictive and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Their crunchy texture and subtle sweetness owing to the bananas make them a favourite snack for many. Although these chips are readily available in commercial stores, nothing can beat the ones made at home. Some people love making banana chips from scratch at home. Although it is quite difficult to make at home, with simple tips you can make it at home. Look at some of the tips that can help you to make banana chips at home.  


  • Choose The Right Bananas   

When making banana chips, it is essential to choose the right bananas. Prefer firm, slightly green bananas to the overripe ones. It is also because green bananas are low in sugar content and high in starch content which helps them to make them crispy. Overripe bananas are usually mushy, resulting in soggy chips.  

  • Slice Evenly For Uniformity  

To ensure uniform cooking and texture, it is important to have consistency in slicing. Use a sharp knife to slice the bananas evenly. To ensure that each chip cooks at the same rate, make thin, uniform slices. Uneven sliced chips may result in undercooking or overcooking.  

  • Soak In Lemon Water  

Bananas tend to oxidise and turn brown. Soaking them in lemon water before frying prevents them from oxidising. It is because lemon juice contains citric acid that works as a natural antioxidant that helps preserve the colour of the bananas. You can achieve a solution of lemon juice and water and soak the banana slices in them for a few minutes draining and patting them dry in a paper towel.  

  • Control The Oil Temperature  

It is important to maintain the right temperature of the oil to achieve crispy banana chips. Heat oil in a deep-frying pan to around 175°C. Do not fry them at too low a temperature as the chips may become oily and soggy. Besides, frying them at a high temperature can cause the chips to turn brown quickly on the outside and soft inside. Thus, carefully monitor the temperature and adjust the heat as needed.   

  • Fry In Batches  

What makes a perfect banana chip is when they are fried in batches. This gives enough space for the chips to cook evenly, thus, becoming crispy. Overcrowding can lower the oil temperature which can make the banana chips cook unevenly.  It is important to fry them in small batches so that they can freely float in the oil without overlapping.   

  • Drain And Season Properly   

Once the banana chips are fried till golden brown and crispy, remove them on a paper towel so that excess oil gets drained. While they are still warm, sprinkle salt and chaat masala to enhance their flavour. Toss nicely so that the seasonings get evenly coated.