6 Tips To Make Your Weekend Parties Eco-Friendly
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While throwing a great party can be a lot of fun, given how climate change has been affecting various factors of the environment, waste generation can pose quite a threat to the earth as we know it. Organising earth-friendly celebrations to ensure that partying happens without harming the natural ecosystem can benefit more than just the planet – ensuring that the host doesn’t add to the increasing woes that carbon footprints have been causing lately. Contributing to making the planet more liveable can mean making small tweaks like using biodegradable or recyclable cutlery, decorating your party space in sustainable ways or even serving locally crafted beer or organic wine.

Outdoor Venue

If you’re planning an event during spring or summertime, picking an outdoor venue like a garden is the perfect space to bring people together. Since the outdoors have an abundance of natural light, you have little to worry when it comes to electricity. At nighttime, opt for minimal lighting like fairy lights or LED lamps for casting a warm glow.

Zero Waste Cocktails & Food

For a party, wasting food and drink waste is one of the biggest concerns if the quantities haven’t been planned carefully beforehand. Present your spread by incorporating innovative cooking concepts where utilising peels of fruits and vegetables, nose-to-tail for meats and even repurposing mixology waste into garnishes and the likes.

Reusable Barware

While saving time and labour is great for the party planner – doing the dishes is not ideal. Although tempting, disposable that are non-biodegradable can be harmful for the environment. Instead, opt for steel cups or acrylic glasses which are reusable and can be washed, dried and stored for your next gathering. Buy upcycled wooden mugs or tumblers for an eco-friendly touch, along with cloth napkins and tablecloths instead of one-time-use table mats.

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Outdoorsy Activities

Plan outdoor activities like a beach clean-up, a short hike, gardening or planting saplings and nature walks for your guests where they can revel in the biodiversity and have something unique to engage with. These activities also foster bonding and stimulate conversation – making it a great ice-breaker for those who might be seeing each other for the first time.

Seasonal Foods

One of the best ways to celebrate the bounties of the planet is to enjoy what’s fresh and in season, and locally available depending on where you live. Whenever the seasons change, the foods we consume also undergo certain shifts. Keeping in sync with these patterns, choose fruits and veggies which can be found in abundance during the time when the gathering is taking place.

Sustainable Décor

If you decide to host a party indoors, the eco-friendly route can be adapted by opting for decor ideas that limit the usage of non-reusable or disposable items. Use twine and barks as well as local wild flowers, potted plants and reusable party banners to elevate the ambience.