6 Tips To Make Restaurant-Style Tacos At Home
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Tacos are a crunchy Mexican delicacy that is made by filling juicy stuffing inside a crunchy shell. This is a versatile and dynamic dish that gives a lot of options to the one who is making it in terms of the flavours and the ingredients they want to use. There are no rules to make tacos and one can make them as they want to. 

Tacos are a go-to order for many people at restaurants. Inspired by the delicious taste of tacos, many people even try to make them at home. But very seldom are some people able to crack the recipe of making tacos at home. For some people making tacos at home seems like an impossible task and they often give up. However, making tacos at home is not as impossible as one may think it is. 

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Here are some simple tips to make the most scrumptious tacos at home on the first try. 

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* Balancing Ingredients 

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that a balance of ingredients in tacos is a necessity. Although tacos are power-packed with a lot of flavours, there is a certain level of balance required for all the flavours to come out beautifully. Going extra is not going to work in the case of tacos and one must only use as many ingredients as there are required. If one wants to use a variety of ingredients, then all of them should be added in moderation so that there is no excess of any single one of them. Also, the quantity of stuffing used in tacos should be optimal so that one can comfortably eat it and everything just doesn't start falling out from the first bite onwards.

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* Using Fresh Ingredients 

This rule goes without saying that using fresh ingredients in tacos or any dish is important for enjoying it to its fullest potential. The taste of tacos is always proportional to the freshness of the ingredients used in its preparation. If one is baking a vegetarian taco that is loaded with a lot of vegetables then they must always go for fresh and juicy vegetables. This rule not only applies to vegetables and the source of protein but is also applicable to the variety of cheese. Always opt for fresh and soft cheese as well as corn. While making a non-vegetarian taco, one must consider buying fresh meat instead of frozen or prepackaged meat. 

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* Heating Tortillas Properly 

Tortillas which are the base of the tacos are generally available in the market very easily. It is always better to buy the tortillas from the market itself as making them at home can be a tedious task. Before putting the stuffing inside the tortilla, they must be heated slightly on a pan or in the microwave. This small step will help give the tortilla a smooth and soft texture. This is a simple hack that is used by most restaurants and the reason why the tacos available at the restaurants are so soft and edible. Remember that the tortillas must not be cooked, but rather slightly heated.

* Pickled Onions

Tacos are made by using a lot of crunchy onions. While most people use raw onions in tacos, one can take their regular tacos to the next level by using pickled onions. This simple upgrade takes minimal effort and one has to simply dip some onions in vinegar and sprinkle some red chilli and salt on the top. Use these onions in tacos for the most juicy and delicious flavours. Buying pickled onions from the market is also an option if one doesn't want to make them at home. 

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* Adding Dressing

Every taco needs a special dressing to give it a final touch of flavour. At most Mexican restaurants, people are given lemon wedges along with sour cream if they buy tacos. This is because lemon and sour cream help balance out the intense flavour of tacos by offering some tangy and savoury notes. One can add both of these ingredients to their tacos to make the tacos extra delicious. There is no fixed rule for a taco dressing and one may choose any other dressing as per their choice and taste preference.

* Type of Cheese

The type of cheese that is used in the preparation of Tacos may also vary as per the ingredients used to prepare the stuffing. Cheese is also a determining factor and surely impacts the final taste of a taco. There are multiple types of cheese varieties available in the market and choosing one out of the many can become a daunting task. To get the same restaurant-like flavours, one may go for different types of cheese like cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese as well. Cooking tacos at home gives a person the liberty to choose everything from toppings to cheese as per their preference.