6 Tips To Make Perfect Bread Rolls For A Cozy Monsoon Snacking
Image Credit: Vege Cravings

The soft, fluffy texture and golden-brown crust of perfect bread rolls make them an irresistible treat, whether enjoyed with a bowl of hot soup, slathered with butter, or simply on their own, paired with mint chutney. Always cook with patience and love; the cooking experience will be more therapeutic and the dish will turn out delicious.

Embrace the cosy ambiance of the monsoon season, roll up your sleeves, and embark on the journey to making the perfect bread rolls. Your taste buds will thank you, and you'll create cherished memories with every bite. Try these tips to make crispy bread rolls and enjoy them with your preferred dip and tea.

Bread Selection

Start making bread rolls by choosing the bread; it should be soft and fresh. You can opt for healthy wheat bread or white bread. Don’t use old or stale bread, as it will crack and break during rolling. Fresh bread is soft, and the texture and taste are good. It can easily be shaped and yes, the rolls turn out crunchy and good. To make this healthy, you can use multigrain breads for that delicious bread roll snack.

Prepare The Bread

When you choose the bread, trim it nicely to make sure the edges are cut properly. Take a flat plate and put the trimmed slices on it. Roll out the bread using a rolling pin. Make sure it's smooth, without cracks, and flattened. The flat breads help us fill them easily and seal the edges easily. 

Masala Filling

The actual taste is from this filling only, it should be soft and full of spices, and the texture should not be dry. The filling should not be too watery or damp, as it will lead to sogginess.  You can make your choice of fillings, which can include spiced mashed potatoes, seasoned vegetables, cheese, and spices. Always fill the filling that is at room temperature, as it is easier to handle and shape. Ensure the filling is at room temperature for easier handling and even cooking. Don’t overfill the rolls, as it will tear the bread down while frying or before.

Lock The Edges

 When you have flattened the bread and the filling is ready, take a spoon or small quantity of filling to put it in the roll. Once the filling is placed on the bread, roll it properly and gently. To lock the edges, dap water or milk on the edges and secure the roll completely. This will help in frying the roll; it will not break and will give a nice shape to the roll.

Coat well

Bread coating is a hack that leads to the perfect crispy texture of dishes. Here also, we will dip each roll in a beaten egg mixture, then coat it with breadcrumbs. In a pan, heat oil on medium heat, not too high as it will lead to burning the roll. Cook the roll on all sides until golden brown. For a healthier option, you can bake the rolls at 190°C for 15–20 minutes. Both ways, you will get a crispy outcome. Always use a napkin to drain excess oil. Top it up with chaat masala and mint chutney.  

Serve Immediately

To enjoy crisp and fresh bread rolls, always consume them immediately, as they are being prepared. Keeping them for hours will lead to sogginess and the bread will stretch while chewing. The texture will not be good after some time.  So always cook accordingly, serve them with desired dips, pair them with tea, and enjoy this snack. You can garnish with coriander leaves, cheese, and chilli flakes.

This monsoon season, make bread rolls at home. Try these simple tricks to make perfect, crispy bread rolls. You can customise it as per your preferences; you can add your favourite veggies and toppings to garnish. Enjoy with tea and desired dips.