6 Tips And Tricks To Properly Clean Reusable Straws
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Every day, there is a new headline about the rising level of non-biodegradable waste across different parts of the world. The majority of this waste is made from plastic and is going to take hundreds of years to dispose of in the environment naturally. In this scenario, making small changes in our everyday lifestyle is a great way to contribute to the overall well-being of the planet and reduce plastic waste.

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One of the most pervasive uses of plastic is to make straws. These straws are non-biodegradable and are meant for only one-time use, which means that they're thrown away instantly after being used. Instead of using these plastic straws, a better alternative is to use metal straws that are reusable and a one-time investment. However, it is very important to clean the straws from time to time to maintain proper hygiene. Here are some important tricks related to cleaning metal straws at home.

* Brush Cleaner

One of the easiest and most hassle-free ways of cleaning metal straws is to buy small straw cleaning brushes that are specifically designed to clean the interiors of a metal straw. These are very small and delicate and are easily able to get into the interior of a straw. One has to simply put some salt water inside the straw and then brush the interior of the straw with the help of this brush cleaner. The straw cleaner is easily able to get into the otherwise inaccessible parts of the straw and clear out all the gunk.

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* Movement Of The Brush Cleaner

Now, while using a brush cleaner for cleaning the interiors of a straw, many people are confused about the hand moment that has to be followed. One has to keep it simple and follow a back-and-forth hand movement while cleaning the straw. Simply insert the brush cleaner inside the straw and then keep pulling it back and forth. This will help in taking out any kind of hidden material stored in the straw. Also, do it vigorously, but not so vigorously that it ends up breaking the straw or the brush cleaner.

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* Outside Of The Straw

While it is important for a person to clean the interior of a straw properly, cleaning the exterior part of the straw is also very important. The outside of the straw can be simply cleaned with the help of a sponge and some soapy water. One has to simply put the straw under some water and then pour a soap solution on top. Now take a sponge and rub the whole straw properly. After scrubbing it for a couple of minutes, wash the straw with cold water and let it dry for some time. If one doesn't have a sponge at home, then simply cleaning with the help of one's fingers is also effective.

* Dry The Straw

The process of making a straw dry after cleaning it is also very particular. One cannot put the straw in any position and expect it to dry quickly. The straw has to be put in an upright position at a 90° angle. This position will help in taking out any kind of water from the straw and it will also dry very quickly. One can make the straw stand against the walls of the kitchen counter or simply put it on the top of a dry rack.

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* Hot Water

If one doesn't have a cleaning brush available at home for cleaning the interiors of a straw, then it is better to use some warm water and put it inside the metal straw. Make sure that the flow of the water is very light so that it can get inside the straw. The hot water is very efficient at melting the stored food particles right away. One can also make some soap in this water and let the solution pass through the straws. After doing this, wash the straws once again with some clean water and make sure all the soap solution gets out.

* Soaking The Straw

Another effective way of cleaning the straws from inside is to immerse them in a vinegar and water solution. Vinegar is a great disinfectant that can instantly melt off stains and food from the inside of the straw. Also, it is very helpful in eradicating foul smells and killing germs. So vinegar and water solutions can be used as disinfectants for straws. After immersing the straw in the solution for at least half an hour, wash the straws properly with some cold water.