6 Things You Can Buy For Your Coffee Lover Friend
Image Credit: Unsplash

Shopping for a coffee-obsessed friend? Thanks to thriving coffee culture and ever-growing TikTok trends, buying gifts for a coffee nerd is a lot more fun and can even be pocket-friendly. From travel-friendly brewers to fancy filters and new-wave equipment, there's a wave of options for buying gifts for your coffee lover BFF. 

Portable Espresso Maker 

If you're buying for someone who appreciates fine coffee but does not have a coffee machine, get them a portable espresso maker. It's modestly priced and a great gift for someone who doesn't want the hassle of cleaning and maintaining an actual coffee machine. Choose a hand-powered espresso maker which is lightweight, travel-friendly and yet delivers the perfect crema.

Insulated Tumblers 

These tumblers can be appreciated by anyone who likes hot beverages. These insulated tumblers feature double-wall construction and are mostly made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which keeps beverages at their desired temperatures longer. These glasses are usually microwave-safe, easy to clean and can hold a generous amount of liquid.

A Set Of Colourful Drippers 

A set of coffee drippers will always be useful to a coffee drinker, no matter how they drink or brew their coffee. Go for a set of colourful paper drips that have crips Origami pleats or ceramic cone drippers which are known for their heat-retaining construction and are compatible with most pour-over holder stands.

A Chemex Pour-Over 

If you're buying for someone who does not enjoy coffee that has been produced through electronic machines, a Chemex pour-over is ideal for them. Chemex usually comes with special filters which are 20 to 30% thicker than the standard kind; it'd be best to throw in some filters with your gift. The wood collar and leather tie in the equipment serve as an insulated handle and can be removed when putting the carafe in the dishwasher for cleaning. 

A Cold Brew Infuser 

This is one of the easiest methods to produce a cold brew, especially for someone who has a busy schedule. They're usually stainless steel infusers and only need a mason jar to function. This can brew large or small batches of cold brew. After topping the grinds with water, it's best to leave it alone for about 12 hours. It has a sieve that keeps out particulates.

A Sampler Pack 

Want your friend to explore your favourite coffee brand or roastery? Why not get them a set of smaller packets from brand featuring its signature blends? For coffee nobs, make sure the packs mention the coffee’s origins, tasting notes, flavour profile and the roasting date if possible.