6 Summer-Friendly Rice Dishes To Try This Season
Image Credit: Lemon Rice | Image Credit: Freepik.com

With the temperature soaring and the sun shining brighter over the heads, the culinary preferences of people are making a shift towards lighter, cooler, and refreshing meals. Talking about the lighter and refreshing foods in the summer season, it is impossible to skip out on the world’s staple food, that is, rice.  

Be it adults or children, rice is the most comforting dish, especially in the summer season that anyone can indulge in. Apart from the quintessential rice, dal, and sabzi, there are a variety of recipes that can be made from versatile grain. This summer, get ready to cook some summer-friendly dishes that will not only soothe the palate but also energise your body. Look at some of the rice recipes that can be enjoyed during summer:  

  • Curd Rice  

Also known as Thayir Sadam, this is a South Indian staple in the summer season. To prepare this creamy and comforting dish, all you need to do is mix the cooked rice with fresh yoghurt. Then temper it with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. The dish exudes a refreshing and tangy flavour perfect to provide relief this scorching summer. The addition of yoghurt makes the dish aid in digestion and promotes gut health.  

  • Tamarind Rice  

Tamarind rice or Puliyodharai or Puliyogare is a tangy rice preparation that is ideal for summer picnics and travels. To make this dish, cooked rice is tossed with a tamarind paste that flavoured with spices like mustard seeds, fenugreek, and turmeric. The dish imparts a sweet, sour and spicy flavour. The tamarind helps to stimulate digestion and keeps the body cool in the summer season.  

  • Coconut Rice  

Quite popular in the coastal regions, this is a fragrant and flavouful dish. The dish is prepared when the cooked rice is mixed with freshly grated coconut and tempered with mustard seeds, urad dal, and curry leaves. It is both an aromatic and satisfying dish. Coconut is rich in electrolytes and hydrating fats, making coconut rice a nourishing choice in the hot summer days.  

  • Lemon Rice  

Popularly known as Chitranna, lemon rice is the most common rice preparation for summer lunches and picnics. To prepare this zesty rice dish, all you need to do is mix the cooked rice with lemon juice, mustard seeds, green chillies and turmeric. The citrusy flavour of lemon makes the dish extraordinarily comforting for the summer season as it helps in the process of detoxification. 

  • Mint Rice  

Pudina rice or mint rice is known for its refreshing mint favour imparted from the mint leaves. The dish is prepared by mixing the cooked rice with a paste of mint leaves, green chillies and spices like cumin and coriander. The result is cooling and invigorating. Mint is known for its cooling properties and the ability to aid digestion, making it perfect for hot summer days.  

  • Mango Rice  

Also known as Maanga Sadam, it is a delightful and tangy rice dish that is made with mangoes, the king of fruits. Here, the cooked rice is flavoured with a spicy and tangy mixture of grated raw mangoes, mustard seeds, and spices like turmeric and red chilli powder. This dish reflects the burst of tropical flavours and makes it perfect for hot summer meals.