6 Steamed Dishes You Should Eat In Summer for Digestion
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There are different methods of cooking food. This includes boiling, frying, baking, steaming, and many more. Each of these cooking methods has its pros and cons. Cooking methods such as deep frying or pan frying are not considered very healthy. On the other hand, cooking methods like boiling and steaming are considered a lot healthier. 

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Boiled food like boiled vegetables and pulses are not very much liked by people because of their lack of flavour and texture. However, steamed food has all the flavours and textures despite being a healthy way of cooking food. It is also quite beneficial for consumption in summer as it's great for digestive health. If you are wondering what different steamed recipes you can try making at home, then here are some. 

* Steamed Fish

Fishes are a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They're great for the immune system and also enhance the quality of skin and hair. The most common method of preparing fish is deep frying or pan frying it. However, steamed fish, which is very common in Bengali cuisine, is not just healthy but a scrumptious way of enjoying fish. It is made by marinating the fish in a paste of spices and stuffing a lot of vegetables inside it. The fish is then covered in a banana leaf and steamed. Some people also like to steam it as it is. This fish is low in calories and is nutritionally fulfilling.

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* Prawn Salad

Salads help to save summer without suffering from any digestive problems. Their crunchy, fresh herbs are also easy for the body to digest. Adding steamed prawns to salads can be a great way to enhance the nutritional value of a summer bowl of salad. Just like fishes, prawns are also very high in vitamins and antioxidants. One has to simply steam some prawns and add them to a salad mixture of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, lemons and some mushrooms.

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* Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls are succulent rolls made from the leaves of cabbage. Cabbage leaves are easily available in India. So, one can make these rolls without having to spend a lot of money on buying exotic leafy vegetables. The best part is that cabbage is high in fibre, so it is also very easy to digest. All that one has to do is make a stuffing of one's choice and fill it with cabbage. Now roll it and secure it with the help of a toothpick. These rolls have to be steamed in a steamer until they become properly cooked. Now, after steaming, one can immerse them in a tomato sauce made from tomato puree, cheese, and some herbs.

* Patra

Patra is a very famous dish from Gujarati cuisine that is made by taking the leaves of arbi and lathering them with a paste made from chickpea flour, rice, batter, turmeric, salt and red chilli. These are then rolled over and cut into small bite-sized pieces. The small pieces of patra are carefully assorted in a steaming tray and then steamed until they become properly cooked. This is a low-calorie, delicious snack that is great for people who are trying to cut calories and enjoy some Indian-style snacks.

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* Momos 

Momos are one of the most popular snacks in India, and they are available on the streets of almost every metropolitan city. What has made momos so popular is the fact that they are steamed, which is responsible for giving momos their mouth-melting and extremely soft texture. One can make healthy momos at home by simply replacing the all-purpose flour dough with wheat flour. Inside this wheat flour dough, one can add healthy stuffing like vegetables, boiled chicken or paneer as per their choice. The momos can then be steamed properly.

* Sponge Cake

Most of the dishes on the list are savoury, so it is critical to add at least one steamed dessert to the list. A honey sponge cake is a classic steamed dessert that is made with custard powder, all-purpose flour, and honey. It is soft and decadent and can be easily incorporated into different types of extended dessert recipes. In the batter of the cake, one can add some chocolate sauce and roasted seeds of melon for the best taste effects. After the sponge cake has been steamed, one can top it off with some vanilla ice cream or condensed milk.