6 Smart Tips To Remove Burnt Smell From Bread Toasts
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The invention of bread goes back in time. Breads are one of the oldest foods known to human beings. Earlier people used to simply have bread with some sort of vegetables or stew on the side. However, now the uses of bread have become quite multi-fold and people like to enjoy it in a lot of different ways. One of the most common ways to enjoy bread is to put it in the toaster to make it crunchy and then lather it with a lot of butter or some sort of other spread. 

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Heating bread slices inside a toaster or on a pan makes the bread perfectly crispy and gives it a very nice texture. However, sometimes the bread might get burnt because of the negligence of the person. This bread has an extremely charred crust and often gives an excessively bold and burnt flavour. 

In this case, instead of throwing these bread slices away, here is what one can do to get rid of the burnt smell and taste.

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* Take Away The Burnt Part

The simplest way to avoid eating bread that has a prominently burnt flavour is to take a knife and start rubbing off the burnt part. Slowly the burnt part of the bread will start falling off because of the constant friction. If only a certain part of the bread has been burnt, then a person can simply cut that part away. By doing so, a person can easily save the rest of the slice of bread and use it to make anything that they want to make.

* Potatoes

Potatoes are known for their starchy flavour and the ability to absorb excessive spices and salt. What people don't know is that in the case of burnt bread, potatoes can also save the recipe by simply absorbing the excessive burnt flavour and odour of the bread slices. On the top of burnt bread, one can simply add some mashed potatoes that have not been seasoned with any kind of slices. Then one can add different types of sauces and very subtle herbs to give the bread a nice flavour. This makes a very delicious potato sandwich that has very subtle hints of burnt flavours as most of those are absorbed by potatoes.

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* Creamy Products

Another great way of subduing the flavour of burnt food is to add different types of creamy products. This includes butter, cream, milk, cheese, and curd. Most of these milk products have very dense and thick flavours that make them absorb any kind of extra spices that might be present in a dish. If one has to make some garlic bread and the bread toast ends up getting burnt, then an instant way to rescue it is by adding lots of mozzarella cheese. One can also add cream and other types of milk products to simmer down the flavour of burnt food.

* Sauces

Sauces that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables often have a very delightful flavour and texture to different types of dishes. Sauces are an integral condiment used in making sandwiches and purpose. While making sandwiches, if the bread toast ends up getting burnt, then a person can simply use a lot more sauce than regular. In this case, a person has to ensure that the sauce being used is fresh and preferably made at home rather than the one brought from the market. The freshness of the sauce helps in making the smoky flavour of the bread more controlled.

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* Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is also a very popular spice that is used to fix the flavour of burnt dishes. It is generally used to fix gravies and other types of dishes such as milk, desserts and curries etc. similarly, some cinnamon powder can be sprinkled on the top of bread toast to give it a nice flavour without getting the feeling of burnt flavours and textures. 

* Acidic Elements 

Another helpful trick that one can implement while using burnt toasts at home is to add some sort of acidic agent to the bread that is going to help balance the flavours. One can choose lemon juice, white wine, vinegar, tomatoes, red wine, or any other citrusy fruit of choice. Simply take out a little bit of any of these condiments and sprinkle it over the top of a bread toast.