6 Regional Indian Breads That You Should Know About

Indian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its diverse flavours, aromas, and spices. One of the most integral components of Indian cuisine is bread, which comes in a plethora of unique varieties. From the fluffy naan to the crispy papadum, Indian bread is an essential part of any meal.

Indian bread is traditionally made from flour, water, and other ingredients such as salt, sugar, and yeast, with variations in regional recipes. The diversity of Indian bread is a result of the country's vast and varied cultural landscape. Each state has its own unique bread favourites, reflecting its distinct flavours, cooking methods, and traditions.

Pathiri - Kerala

There are only three ingredients used in the preparation of this Indian-style flat bread popular along the coastal Malabar region of Kerala. To make these thin flat discs, first, combine rice flour with warm water into dough and then cook on a tawa.

Katlambe - Uttarakhand

Almost a cross between Bhatura and Naan, the Katlambe is deep-fried and flaky but flat. It originated from the Baloch people and has since become a favourite in Dehra Dun. Thick and hearty it’s enjoyed with curries and gravies. 

Ghyev Czot- Kashmir

Also known as simply Czot this tandoor-baked roti is famous among Kashmir’s Kandurs (bakeries). This everyday bread is made with tons of ghee and indented with finger impressions for a textured golden crust and soft, white centre. 

Dhapate - Maharashtra

Sometimes also called Maharashtrian Thalipeeth, this multigrain flatbread is known for being healthy and versatile. It’s easy to make and is usually made from at least three flours and flavoured with onion, garlic, coriander and spices. 

Baati - Rajasthan

One of the most famous dishes of Rajasthan is Dal-Baati which made baati an iconic part of their cuisine. Wheat balls without stiffing are traditionally baked on the embers of cow dung cakes for low moisture and a long shelf life perfect for the nomadic tribes of that area. 

Poee - Goa

This Goan whole wheat bun recipe is made with wheat flour, all-purpose flour, and wheat bran, which makes it absolutely delicious. While they feel sturdy, they’re actually very soft on the inside and are perfect for dunking into curries.