6 Reasons Why You Must Have ‘Ganne Ka Juice’ In Summer

When it is scorching heat outside, a few beverages become our ultimate saviour. And in India, beverages like ‘shikanji’, ‘aam panna’ and ‘ganne ka juice’ can protect us from the heat’s wrath. Among the most popular summer beverages consumed in India, is ‘ganne ka juice’ or sugarcane juice. You must have seen carts with some men squeezing out juice from sugarcane using a machine. That one glass of ‘ganne ka juice’ can refresh and relax not just the body but the mind too. 

Sugarcane juice could be an excellent beverage for summer. And you know what? Not just is it delicious, but power packed with health benefits too. Consumption of sugarcane juice is also considered beneficial as per traditional Indian medicine because of its high protein, antioxidants and fiber content. Not just can it be an energy booster, but it can also promote better digestion. Who knew this desi summer beverage can do so much? Here are 6 reasons why we must have ‘ganne ka juice’ in summer.  

Boosts Energy 

Sugarcane is a great source of sucrose which could be an energy booster. Not just does it normalize the release of glucose level in the body, but it can also hydrate the body to a great extent. Consumption of ganne ka juice can also battle fatigue. 

Can Cure Jaundice 

As per Ayurveda, sugarcane is an effective medicine for jaundice. It has such properties that can strengthen the liver and battle liver infections. When suffering from jaundice, the body breaks down the protein. However, the consumption of sugarcane juice can replenish the lost protein count. 

Promotes Better Digestion 

This may come as a shock to you, but sugarcane juice can work like a boon when it comes to digestion. Sugarcane juice is a great source of potassium and helps in balancing out the body’s PH level and facilitates the proper secretion of digestive juices. Because of its fiber content, it can prevent constipation too. 

Works As Anti-Ageing 

You know what? Consumption of sugarcane juice can actually prevent ageing and fine lines on the skin. It also contains flavonoids, phenolic acid and antioxidants and thus, keeps the skin heathy and nourished. It provides the right glow to the skin. 

Boosts Immunity 

Sugarcane has a content of antioxidants and vitamin C and thus, it can help in boosting immunity. It can help in battling infections, bacteria, cancerous cells and battling illness. It can also prevent issues related to liver. 

Good For Bones And Teeth 

Sugarcane is a great source of calcium, and its juice could be extremely beneficial for bones as well as teeth. Consumption of sugarcane juice provides strength to the body and makes teeth stronger. Not just for kids, sugarcane juice is beneficial for adults too. 

Do you like sugarcane juice? What do think??