6 Reasons Why Mozzarella Is The Healthier Choice For You
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The world has been a better place ever since the invention of cheese. Cheese is one ingredient that instantly makes a dish taste so much better. It could be pasta, sandwich, soup, or even an Indian-style paratha, and cheese can do it all. However, just like many other ingredients, cheese has also been scrutinised because of a certain stigma attached to its nutritional profile.

 Most people have this misconception that cheese is unhealthy and a source of high calories. Some varieties of cheese are indeed unhealthy and a source of lots of carbohydrates and fats. However, mozzarella is an exception as it's not unhealthy and, in fact, can help improve a lot of bodily functions. Here are some of the top reasons why mozzarella is the right choice for your pizza and pasta toppings.

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* Great For Bones

As per a study published in the Journal of Osteoporosis in 2017, 30 g of mozzarella cheese accounts for 207 mg of calcium. This is the highest proportion of calcium present in any cheese as compared to other popular varieties of cheese, such as cottage cheese, cheddar, and gouda. Mozzarella is considered a great way to heal bone fractures naturally and improve bone health because of its high calcium content.

* High In Minerals

Other than being a great source of calcium, mozzarella is also very high in phosphorus and zinc. As per the study published in the journal Springer in 2024, mozzarella is a great source of magnesium and can contribute to fulfilling the necessary regular intake of a lot of other vital minerals. The presence of so many minerals in mozzarella helps improve the overall function of the body and also helps stabilise digestion. If a person is struggling with the problem of constant muscle fatigue, then replenishing the body with an optimum dose of minerals in the form of mozzarella can be a great idea to feel better.

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* Protein 

Many people might not know this but mozzarella is an important source of protein as well. This makes it a great choice for people who would like to add some source of protein to their salad. As per the US Department of Agriculture, a hundred grams of mozzarella cheese has 22.2 g of protein. This is one of the highest amounts of protein present in cheese. Therefore, mozzarella is the perfect choice for people who cannot do without cheese and want to choose a variety that is healthy, delicious, and adds a lot to the dish.

* Vitamins

Along with different types of minerals, mozzarella is also a significant source of vitamin B7 or biotin, as it is commonly known. Biotin is extremely important for the health of hair and nails. Having mozzarella cheese is extremely beneficial for people who want to improve the health of their skin and hair by including ingredients in their diet that are naturally beneficial. The best part about mozzarella cheese is that it can be included in different types of salads and, at the same time, used to impart the typical cheesy flavour in some baked dishes.

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* Low Sodium 

One of the most conspicuous reasons why everyone must choose mozzarella cheese over any other kind of cheese is the fact that it is very low in sodium. Most of the commercial cheese available in the market has high amounts of sodium that can be harmful to the cardiovascular health of the body. Choosing mozzarella is a great way to ensure that one is not putting high sodium food in their body, which can lead to strokes. Also, the presence of minerals like potassium and magnesium helps stabilise the effect of sodium on the body.

* Minimum Saturated Fat

The amount of saturated fat present in mozzarella is significantly lower when compared with other types of cheeses. Saturated fat is extremely harmful for consumption as it can instantly spike cholesterol levels in the body. This puts a person at a greater risk of experiencing a heart attack or any other serious health problems. Thus, mozzarella is an excellent choice for people who are trying to avoid saturated fat intake and have something delicious.

How Healthy Is Mozzarella For You?

It is important to understand that even if an ingredient is healthy, one should always be mindful of the quantity that it is being consumed. Over-eating even healthy food can be dangerous for the body. Talking about the exact amount, having 40 to 45 g of mozzarella cheese in one or a couple of days is enough. One should make sure that they do not have more than this quantity.