6 Peppermint Tequila Cocktail Variations To Try At Weekend Party
Image Credit: Tequila Cocktail | Image Credit: Pexels.com

With the second month of the year starting in full swing, there is no halt to the upcoming weekend parties. It is that time of the year when we wait for the parties to refresh our mood with spirits and drinks. With that said, alcohol is something without which all parties seem to be dim. What boosts the mood of the party through alcohol is tequila.   

People often consider drinking tequila as shots or as cocktails. Among cocktails, one of the most preferred items is peppermint tequila cocktails. The peppermint tequila cocktail is a refreshing twist on the tequila cocktail. The peppermint tequila cocktail has cool notes of peppermint that complement the warmth of the tequila. 

However, in recent times, bartenders have been experimenting with different types of peppermint tequila cocktails. If you are organising a party, it is something that can be included in the bar menu for the guests. Take a look at some of them:   

Peppermint Margarita  

It is a perfect addition to the weekend parties. This concoction marries the bold flavours of tequila with the cool essence of peppermint. To make this, start by muddling fresh peppermint leaves, which can be mixed with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake it vigorously to achieve a perfect chill. Serve it in a glass rimmed with salt for the classic margarita and strain the vibrant mixture into the glass.   

Peppermint Mojito Tequila Cocktail   

This is a refreshing twist to both the tequila cocktail and the mojito as well. This cocktail must add a refreshing and invigorating touch to weekend parties. Start by muddling fresh mint leaves to release the aromatic essence, and then mix a generous amount of tequila, simple syrup, and a splash of lime juice. This concoction is served over ice, topped with soda water and garnished with fresh mint. 

Spicy Peppermint Paloma   

This sensational and festive choice of drink will elevate weekend parties. The cocktail combines the bold flavours of tequila with the cool essence of peppermint, creating a delightful twist to the traditional Paloma. To prepare the cocktail, mix tequila with peppermint syrup for a refreshing touch of minty goodness. Add grapefruit juice for a citrusy touch, while club soda brings effervescence to the mix. It is garnished with fresh mint and served over ice.   

Frozen Peppermint Tequila Daiquiri   

To make this peppermint cocktail, combine tequila, peppermint schnapps, lime juice, and simple syrup in a blender with a generous amount of ice. The result is a slushy drink that marries the warmth of tequila with the refreshing essence of peppermint. Garnish the drink with a fresh mint sprig for a burst of aromatic goodness. This drink can be enjoyed with family and friends at weekend parties.   

Peppermint Tequila Sunrise  

This is a festive and refreshing twist on the classic cocktail. The drink combines tequila and peppermint, creating a delightfully appealing drink. To prepare this weekend-worthy drink, mix tequila with a touch of peppermint extract for a minty kick. Pour it over ice in a tall glass and fill it with orange juice to create a sunrise effect. This drink is not only visually appealing but also enough to create a buzz in the mood. The drink is garnished with orange slices.   

Peppermint, Pomegranate, and Tequila Smash   

Apart from combining the warmth of tequila with the refreshing twist of peppermint, the drink also has the sweet-tart essence of pomegranate. It is crafted by muddling the peppermint leaves with tequila, a mixture of pomegranate juice and a splash of simple syrup. This is a visually stunning drink with a crimson hue and a perfect balance of sweetness and minty freshness. It is served over ice in stylish glasses and garnished with pomegranate seeds.