6 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Tequila Trends In India
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Although tequila is a drink that is not native to India, in the past few years its domination has become more palpable. People have started enjoying this spirit on its own and as a spirit in various cocktails. Tequila is originally from the central western part of Mexico. It is quite stronger than most mainstream alcoholic beverages which is why many people find it a bit intimidating.

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The strong flavour of this drink is one of the top reasons why it is often consumed in diluted form. Often tequila in India is associated with merrymaking. Movies and other sources of entertainment have glorified the consumption of tequila in the form of shots only. But tequila is more of a sophisticated drink and not just a Saturday night escape from reality. Here are some tequila myths that you shouldn't be believing.

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* Tequila Is Only Meant For Shots

This is one of the most burning myths associated with tequila that needs to be addressed. The truth about tequila is that it is not meant for fast drinking or shoving down the throat at all. It is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and is made to be savoured slowly. Only then, a person can understand the depth and the multilayered flavour of this drink. Next time when you go to a party or a weekend outing, then, instead of ordering the tequila shots, try drinking some interesting cocktails made from the spirit.

* Tequila And Worm

Another myth associated with tequila is that it always comes with its constant companion worm. The trend started with the concept that the person who finds a worm at the end of tequila is going to find good luck in the coming days. While it may be a practice in many parts of the world, this is not a norm when it comes to drinking tequila. The high-quality tequila never actually comes with a worm. The next time you are served, tequila with the worm, most likely the spirit is a flow, quality or a gimmick. 

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* Tequila Leads To Mood Swings

Many people believe that tequila saves your mood swings and even may make a person feel extremely low. People should know that all alcoholic beverages in some way, or another lead to volatility in the mood of the person. The context in which a person has the spirit also plays a significant role in how a person feels after drinking that particular spirit. If a person is having a good time with friends or family and drinks a spirit, then he or she is more likely to feel happy. However, if the person is already gloomy, then the situation is going to worsen upon drinking tequila or any other drink.

* Blue Agave Tequila

A lot of people believe that authentic tequila is only made from blue agave. While it is true that agave is an important component in the formulation of tequila, tequila doesn't need to be entirely made from agave only. Tequila must have at least 51% of blue agave to be qualified as tequila. A lot of premium brands that sell tequila for a very high price often claim to have 100% agave. So the next time when you are going to buy a tequila for yourself, keep this in mind about the authenticity factor.

* Every Type of Tequila Tastes The Same

The flavour of tequila is influenced by a lot of different factors. As stated above, agave is an important ingredient in the cultivation of tequila. Now it is pretty obvious that agave grown in a particular area is going to taste very different from agave grown in a different area. This difference in taste of agave plays a very important role in deciding the overall flavour of agave. Also, one must understand that any spirit that calls itself tequila must be produced only in Mexico. Also in Mexico, there are specific regions such as Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas dedicated to tequila cultivation. This is the same geographical connection that champagne holds with France. The art of tequila cultivation is only taught to people belonging to Mexico. 

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* Tequila Doesn't Lead To Hangovers

There are various spirit classifications done by people without any prior knowledge. One of the most common classifications is thinking that certain drinks cause more hangovers as compared to other drinks. Many people believe that tequila doesn't lead to any kind of hangover at all. While it is true, that 100% authentic tequila might lead to a very low hangover. The next day, it may also depend from person to person. Everyone has a different alcohol threshold. Also consuming tequila in excess quantity and the form of cocktails is going to be a different story altogether.