6 Mouth-Watering Apple Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Apart from being tasty, apples offer an array of health benefits to your body. This fruit is a rich source of fibre and vitamin C along with other nutrients. It improves gut health, lowers cholesterol levels, and reduces the chances of cancer and stroke. Apples are one of the few fruits highly recommended to diabetics. However, having them raw is not the only option available to you. Try these 6 delicious and healthy apple dishes that can leave you asking for more.

1. Apple spinach salad

This is one of the healthiest fusion apple dishes. Since spinach has a very mild flavor as compared to other green leafy vegetables you can experiment with it and make something delicious such as apple spinach salad. Mix chopped spinach and apple in a bowl. Add a little amount of honey and some oregano, salt, and lemon juice to make the salad a bit spicy and tangy. You can have this regularly for breakfast.

2. Apple smoothie

What's better than feeling refreshed every morning? Nothing, right? Then, grab a glass of apple smoothie every day and brace yourself for a wonderful day ahead? Take fresh peeled or unpeeled apple slices, blend these and add some lemon juice, orange zest, and water. Serve it in a cocktail glass and enjoy.

3. Dried apple chips

Dried apple chips are a sweet and healthy snack for your afternoon. You can use your favourite dips and even do more experiments.

4. Oat milk apple smoothie

This healthy and easy-to-make smoothie is a three-ingredient recipe (oats, apple and some honey). This could be a way to make your kids fall in love with oats and fruits.

5. Apple halwa

Apple in Indian desserts goes well. To prepare it, you can use ghee or butter and add your favourite nuts, and don't forget the garnishing with thin apple slices.

6. Tangy cucumber apple tomato salad

It has a mix of flavours of apple, cucumber, tomatoes, and lemon together. While making this salad, you can add seasonings of your choice, serve with some ranch and enjoy.