6 Mango-Based Desserts To Get The Taste Of Summers
Image Credit: Pexels

Mango is most probably the favourite fruit of almost every Indian. Summers started when parents bought ripe mangoes at home, while spring started when all the family members gathered to make mango pickles out of raw mangoes. Since mangoes have been a rich part of every Indian’s childhood, even as an adult, the fondness remains.

So, if you’re a fan of the king of fruits, you might want to try mango-based desserts that can literally make you feel like it's summer already. The flavours of the pulpy-yellow mango are so indulgent that they pair perfectly with a lot of desserts. However, here’s a list of 6 easy-to-make mango desserts at home that you must try!

Mango Kulfi

Mango kulfi is a testament to having an indulgent summer. The classic kulfi is so creamy and remains the go-to popsicle of all times, and it just gets better when mango steals the spotlight. 

If you want to make mango kulfi at home, you can start by making regular kulfi by simmering the milk till it thickens. You can then add sugar and cardamom and let it simmer for some more time till the sugar is melted. Now comes the best part, when you can turn off the heat and add mashed pieces of mango into the milk and mix to get rid of any lumps. Next, put the mixture in moulds, add a stick, freeze, and wait till the kulfi is ready to melt in your mouth.

Mango Pudding

Mango pudding is another comfort dessert that marks the change in the weather. You can make a velvety, smooth mango pudding by adding gelatin in lukewarm water. 

Side by side, heat some milk and add mango puree and sugar to it. Keep stirring and add to the water and gelatin mixture you just prepared. Let the mixture simmer till you get the perfect consistency, and then pour it into a bowl and let it set. You can take a few spoons if you can’t resist, but ensure that before serving, you refrigerate the pudding for a few hours.

Mango Parfait

Parfait, the layered dessert, is gaining popularity because of its minimalist recipe and great taste. 

To make a mango-based parfait, you’ll need tall glassed, chopped mangoes, whipped cream, and, of course, sugar. You can start by adding mango pieces as the base layer, followed by a generous amount of yoghurt. Then, put a layer of crumbled cake or crushed biscuits to add some crunch. Now, repeat the layers and top it off with whipped cream. Garnish with a few mango pieces or drizzles of honey, and let it chill before you dive right in.

Mango Kheer

What’s better than adding mango to the staple goodness of kheer? To take the traditional Indian kheer to the next level, you can infuse it with mangoes and give the dessert a hint of summer. 

So, start by cooking rice in milk just the way you would for regular kheer. After you get softened rice, add in sugar, cardamom, and mango, and blend all the ingredients together. Once your kitchen smells like summer, it’s time to garnish the mango kheer with some grated dry fruits, and you’re ready to experience divinity in a bowl.

Mango Custard

Custard is a welcoming dessert that can be assimilated with any fruit or topping. You can easily make mango custard at home with either a readymade custard mix or making custard from scratch. 

Either way, once you get a smooth and uniform custard, turn off the heat and let it set. Unlike the other recipes, you should add chopped mango pieces to the custard once it is cooled down. Mix in the mango and take out a serving in a bowl, and you’re ready to eat a summer dessert in just a few minutes.

Mango Trifle

If you want to take mango custard to the next level, mango trifle is the way ahead. For a better experience, after you’re done making mango custard, set it aside for refrigeration. In the meanwhile, prepare the other layers for the trifle, like vanilla cake and whipped cream. When you are ready with all the layers, start by layering the crumbled cake as the first layer. Then add a layer of mango custard and top it with whipped cream. Garnish it with caramel sauce, and your extravagant dessert is ready.