6 Local Chicken Recipes From The State Of Jharkhand
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From perfectly charred flavour to chicken that melts in your mouth, locally made chicken recipes in Jharkhand serve as a  benchmark for how chicken can be made light and simple with elegant flavours bursting in your mouth. 

Jharkhand is famously known for its traditional tribal dishes, originating in the rich culinary culture of the scheduled tribes of the state and region for centuries now. Jharkhand folklore and cooking rituals showcase the beautiful local Jharkhand cuisine through songs and family recipe books preserved carefully for future generations to learn. From the tastiest chicken handi to mouth watering chicken bhuna, these recipes are everything you can look out for in taste and elegance.

The cooking time of these traditional recipes is more than one hour, and it is a good adventure for someone who likes cooking. The marination of dishes is perfectly done with lots of prep time and perfect spices. Local vegetables, such as bamboo shoots and kachnaar saag, are also added as an element to the chicken recipes. If you want to taste an authentic local chicken recipe, then you need to sort out the ingredients that are organically grown in Jharkhand to get the exact taste. 

Dive into the recipes you have been looking for. Try out the new chicken curries famous all over Jharkhand, which are locally made. Explore new tastes and try out new dishes to the fullest.

1. Chicken Bhuna: Chicken Bhuna is a locally made tribal dish in which chicken is marinated with lots of spices and thrown under the direct fire.  It is truly spectacular, and it is very difficult to make. The taste of this dish has  lots of burnt garlic flavour, with the chicken tenders being very soft and mushy. You can eat it with different kinds of rice and chapatis as per your preference, or you can eat it as a snack.

2. Sanai Chicken Curry: Sanai, also known as Indian yam or elephant foot yam, is a tuber widely used in Jharkhand cuisine. In this recipe, sanai is cooked with chicken and a blend of spices to create a hearty and flavorful curry. It is a very mouth watering and savoury dish for you to try out. Sanai chicken curry is also native to different tribal groups, such as Santhali tribes. 

3. Chicken Handi: Chicken Handi is a popular dish where chicken is cooked in a handi (traditional Indian cooking vessel) with a mix of spices, yoghurt, and sometimes cream. This rich and creamy preparation is enjoyed with Indian bread or rice. The dish is extremely spicy, and it can also be elevated with the addition of dry fruits and lemon juice. There are various variations of chicken handi that can be prepared, such as chicken dehati or jhol chicken. 

4. Dhuska Chicken: Dhuska is a traditional snack in Jharkhand made from rice flour and chana dal (split chickpeas). In this recipe, dhuska is served with a spicy chicken curry. Dhuska is deep-fried and has a unique texture that complements the chicken curry. The chicken curry is garnished with lots of garlic, and it can also be garnished with lots of coriander. 

5. Bamboo Shoot Chicken Curry: Bamboo shoots are a common ingredient in Jharkhand cuisine, especially found in winter. The soft and delicate bamboo shoot is first soaked in water and then cooked into thinly striped pieces to make a perfect bamboo shoot chicken curry.  The consistency of bamboo shoots adds a nice crunch and flavour. In this recipe, tender bamboo shoots are cooked with chicken and flavoured with local spices. The bamboo shoots add a distinct earthy flavour to the curry.

6. Litti Chicken Curry: Litti Chokha is a popular dish in the region, but by adding chicken curry, you get a unique variation. Litti is made from whole wheat flour and stuffed with roasted gram flour (sattu). It's usually baked or grilled and served with chicken curry. The pieces of litti are melted with lots of ghee and then added to the chicken curry as per preference.  Litti s soaked with chicken gravy is very delicious and has a consistency of creamy delight.