6 Lesser-Known Regional Breakfast Delicacies From Across India You Must Try
Image Credit: Dhuska (Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Poha, idli, dosa, paratha, and eggs are some of the most commonly eaten breakfast items in India. But the list of the first meal of the day doesn’t end here. In fact it is never-ending. Every state in the country has its own list of breakfast options with its regional touch. There are various gems out there that are delectable but lesser-known. Here, we will talk about those items from the regional kitchens. Do let us know if you happen to try any of those.


This rice and meat-based Khasi delicacy requires a lot of effort to be made. To prepare Jadoh, a breakfast dish from Meghalaya, you need to cook red rice with abundant pork. The addition of turmeric to it gives a punchy colour and a nice aroma to the dish.


This Odia dish is a hit in the state. Pakhala is basically cooked and fermented rice which is prepared using curd, cucumber, cumin seeds, mint leaves, and onions. The dish’s liquid part is known as torani.

Sarva Pindi

This Andhra dish is served as breakfast. Spicy and flavorful in taste, Sarva Pindi is a pancake prepared using peanuts and rice flour. 


If you have visited the north Indian state, Manipur, you may be aware of this breakfast dish. Tan is similar to aloo puri with flavours of the east. It is made using hung curd and refined flour. 


Dhuska is commonly eaten in Jharkhand. It is basically a snack made of rice, lentils, and boiled potatoes. Usually served with homemade chutney, Dhuska is a scrumptious delicacy that’s called a distant fried cousin of idli. 


This traditional and heartwarming dish from Himachal screams indulgence. It is made with wheat and yeast and is served with oodles of ghee. Try it once and you will keep asking for more.