6 Healthy Reasons To Drink Sattu Sharbat In Winters
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Sattu is a famous type of flour that is used in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan. It is a mixture of a lot of roasted cereals in ground pulses. A dry powder is prepared from this mixture and is used to make a lot of other dishes. Most often it is made by roasting Bengal gram and barley. It is a very nutritious flour and it is considered extremely healthy to consume sattu during the winter season because it gives the body a lot of warmth. Sattu ka sharbat is a famous drink that is consumed in India during the winter season. 

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 Recipe For Sharbat

There are two types of sattu ka sharbat that you can make. First is the namkeen sattu ka sharbat. This is salty and it is made by using ingredients like roasted Sattu, lemon, water, mint, leaves, Cumin powder, and salt. Then you have to mix everything well in a blender and your sharbat is ready.

For the sweet Sattu ka sharbat, you have to take ingredients like some Sattu made from roasted black chickpea, sugar, black salt and lemon. Now mix everything well in a grinder and your sweet sattu ka sharbat will be ready.

Let's look at some health benefits of drinking Sattu ka sharbat during the winter season.

* Removes Toxins

Sattu ka sharbat helps in naturally detoxifying the body and destroying any kind of toxic substances that might be present in the body. It can also help in clearing the intestine and boosting the immunity of a person. It is filled with a lot of dietary fibre and proteins which is why it is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

* Gives Energy 

Sattu naturally has a lot of complex carbohydrates present that help give the body sustained energy throughout the day. It is an ideal food if you have a lot of physically tiring work every day or for growing children to improve muscle strength and bone health. The combination of a lot of nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates and minerals contributes to replenishing glycogen stores. This helps in preventing any kind of fatigue and a person can indulge in physical activities without feeling tired.

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* Good For Digestion 

Sattu is also great for digestion and also leads to a healthy digestive system. It is a natural laxative which is why it can prevent problems like constipation. If you have regular bowel movements, then you can try consuming sattu ka sharbat every day. The higher amount of fiber present in sattu acts as a prebiotic. It can help in making our gut stronger and does not harm our health in any way. 

* Good For Heart

Sattu ka sharbat is very low in both cholesterol and fat which makes it extremely healthy for the heart. Also, the presence of a high amount of dietary fibre helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Thereby the risk of any cardiovascular-related problem is reduced. Also, the high amount of magnesium and potassium present in Sattu can help in maintaining blood pressure levels. If you have a problem with fluctuating BP, then you can try having this drink every day.

* Weight Management 

Sattu has a lot of protein content and is quite low in fat. If you are trying to eat healthy and avoid consuming extra calories then this is a great option. It is an extremely healthy and nutritious food to add to your food and may contribute towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle without consuming unnecessary extra calories.

* Full Of Vitamins And Minerals

Sattu is full of a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. This includes phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and complex vitamins. All of these vitamins in minerals make bone strength good along with better production of red blood cells in the body. These nutrients and minerals also contribute towards supporting the nervous function in our body and making a renewed system stronger.

These are some benefits of drinking Sattu ka sharbat everyday during the winter season. You can also have this drink during summers but just make sure that the drink is suiting your body. Since its natural temperament is hot, it may not be appropriate for consumption during summer.