6 Healthy And Delicious Quinoa Based Desserts

Power packed with protein, fiber and so many minerals, quinoa is gluten-free and known for its nutrition and health benefits. Among the so many health benefits, the most common benefit of including quinoa in the diet is weight loss. Read any article or see any vlog related to weight loss, you will always find quinoa in the list of food items that can promote quick weight loss. There could be so many ways of having quinoa. But have you ever tried eating quinoa-based desserts?? 

If you think that there is nothing like quinoa-based desserts, you are highly mistaken. This may shock you but there are some quick, amazing and delectable, sweet treats that you can make using super powerful ingredients. So, here are 5 scrumptious desserts that have quinoa as the star ingredient. These desserts will not be an eyeopener for you but will also break the myth that healthy food is not tasty. These desserts will show you a really good time without putting your health at stake. Are you ready? 

Quinoa Chocolate Bar 

Made up of dark chocolate and puffed quinoa, this quick dessert is easy to make and too delicious to handle. These quinoa chocolate bars are travel friendly and could be a perfect solution for mid-day cravings.  

Quinoa Choco-Chip Cookies 

If you are looking for gluten-free cookies to satiate your sweet cravings, here are quinoa Choco-chip cookies for your rescue. With the added flavour of almond and coconut flavour, these cookies get healthier and tastier. Ever tried these cookies before? 

Quinoa Chocolate Pudding 

This may look like the regular fat-filled pudding but is way more nutritious and healthier. It has high content of protein and fiber and uses cooked quinoa as the star ingredient. With natural sweetness, this dessert could be substitute for your regular sugar loaded unhealthy desserts. 

Quinoa Vanila Cake 

Who knew that a cake could be this healthier? Made with quinoa flour, this cake is very easy to make and is no less than your regular vanilla in terms of flavour. You can have frosting of your choice and have this cake for birthdays too. What say? 

Quinoa Chocolate Fudge  

Well, this no-bake fudge requires no effort and is super delicious. Made with very basic ingredients like quinoa, dark chocolate, dates, coconut oil and cocoa powder, this fudge has no dairy and harmful sugar, but it is as tasty as your regular fudge. Why don’t you make it at home? 

Quinoa Chocolate Brownies 

Super chocolaty, super fudge and super delicious, these healthy chocolate brownies have quinoa to steal the show. If you are craving brownies without putting your life at stake, these delicious brownies are what you need. 

Try these healthy desserts and let us know if you liked them!