6 Handy Tips To Make Moist And Fluffy Cake

Baking a perfect cake is an absolute art and not everybody is an artist. It may look like it is all about following the recipe, but you know what? It is much more. There could be many reasons why our cake is not turning out to be perfectly soft, moist and fluffy. It is not just about the ingredients but some basic baking techniques and tips that every baker should know. With these tips, your cake is going to be exactly like your dreams, and you would be a flawless baker. Here are the tips! 

Temperature Measurement 

You may think that temperature control doesn’t contribute but to your shock, it does. If you are trying to make a spongy cake, you must take care that all your ingredients are at the appropriate temperature. While the flour and eggs should always be at room temperature, butter should be warm. 

Flour Selection 

Flour selection is an essential step when it comes to baking a cake. Those who don’t know, cakes are made up of a special type of flour which makes the cake much fluffier and lighter as compared to all-purpose flour. The authentic cake flour has a good amount of corn starch, and this makes the cake spongy and soft. 

Whisking Sugar And Butter 

Whisking sugar and butter together could make the cake spongy, fluffy and perfectly moist. The key to achieving the best results is to whisk the butter and sugar for a long time. It should be beaten till it is pale yellow and fluffy. 

Folding The Flour 

Folding the flour can work like magic when it comes to baking a fluffy and spongy cake. It is advised by some renowned bakers that while folding the mixture, figure 8 should be made in motion. Some people believe that overmixing a cake can make the cake softer, but it is not right. The truth is overmixing the cake batter can kill the bubbles while making the cake harder. 

Buttermilk Could Be The Saviour 

One essential ingredient that can make cake softer is buttermilk. Buttermilk has high acidic content which breaks down the gluten in the flour and cakes become softer. For better results, you must add a pinch of baking soda with buttermilk to the batter to see the magic.  

Sugar Syrup Is The Key 

We all put sugar syrup in cake sponge before frosting but still the cake doesn't turn out as spongy as we had expected. To overcome this, one must pour or spray sugar syrup in good quantity over the cake slices. This would make the cake perfectly moist and spongy.