6 Fruit Cocktails That Can Freshen up Your Party
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Cocktails are the soul of your party drink menu. Experimenting with your favourite vodkas and tequila is so much fun when you add your favourite fruits. Seasonal fresh fruits are perfect for your cocktails. From the colours to taste, fruits complement alcoholic drinks by balancing and enhancing their flavours. If you're throwing a party or simply looking for some easy cocktail recipes, then read on. Here are 6 cocktail ideas to make your next party a big success.

Watermelon vodka cocktail

Ideal for your pool parties, this summer cocktail will impress everyone. Take your favourite vodka and add fresh or packed watermelon juice. Also, add a little lime juice and try your different garnishing.

Orange tequila

If you like the vibrance and freshness orange brings then try this heavenly cocktail for your celebrations. For your summer party, you need some oranges in your tequila to beat the heat.

Golden dream

We aren't done with oranges yet. It goes so well with cocktails that we have one more mention. This classic cocktail with orange juice and flavours of herbs and vanilla with a creamy texture can make all your parties brighter.

Malt with blackberry

Malt Irish whiskey with sweet blackberries is the perfect combination for a cocktail. Add some lime and enjoy with sparkling water.

Cucumber and mint margarita

What's a fresher idea than a cucumber cocktail at a summer party? Tequila, orange liqueur mixed with blended cucumber, lime juice and mint not only sound refreshing, but it also tastes wonderful.

Raspberry caipirinha

The colour is enough to set the mood of celebration. The recipe is easy and involves some fresh raspberries. Sounds refreshing enough? Then, add some raspberries and lime juice topped off with cachaça and it's ready.