6 Foods That Help In Overcoming Smoking Habits

Addiction in a person can be a source of emotional pain and financial stress to not only the individual but also to their families. Many people get into the habit of smoking because of unhealthy peer pressure, work stress and deep rooted anxieties. 

The steps taken towards an addiction free life is unique to everyone and must be applauded. A healthy diet is not only primary but the right foods can help you manage the nicotine cravings better. Some foods discourage smoking by interfering with the taste of the cigarette, some simply provide stimulation to the taste buds while still others give the hands a busy distraction.  

Chewing Gum

The next time you cannot control the urge to smoke, try chewing gum. This study on The effect of chewing gum on tobacco withdrawal , suggests that the act of chewing on the gum keeps the mouth busy. Choose the one without the sugar to help you stall those cravings.


Fruits and Vegetables

A study on fruit and vegetable intake on smoking cessation suggests eating fresh vegetables and fruits  as a snack can keep the need for cigarettes at bay. Prolonged smoking causes the body's antioxidant reservoirs to decrease. Cool juices like those of flavourful fruits like watermelon, pomegranates and oranges  satisfy one’s need for sense stimulation. They also contain many essential nutrients that help in replenishing the body besides bringing to balance an otherwise dehydrated body caused by excessive smoking.

Whole Grains

A hearty breakfast of whole grain foods keeps us satiated the whole day, keeping unnecessary substance cravings at bay. Feeling full for longer also helps deal with withdrawal symptoms that cause one to binge eat. A study on Foods that may help smokers quit suggested that eating whole foods in small amounts throughout the day helped deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 

Herbal Teas

The stress free mental state that many smokers look for in their smoking habits is similar to that provided by sipping a hot, aromatic cup of herbal tea like those made of peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus and lemongrass just to name a few. The engaging of senses both oral and nasal in the latter can be more  comforting, calming and anxiety relieving than the former and can help deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Dairy Products

According to this study on what helps smokers quit, dairy products are not only filling but they change the taste and feel of cigarettes when used right after due to the contrasting taste interaction, discouraging many people from smoking immediately after consuming a diet rich in dairy. Dairy products are also rich in calcium which protect the body against excessive damage that would be caused due to prolonged smoking.

Dried Fruits & Nuts

In this article on 10 ways to resist tobacco cravings, chewable foods like nuts help in distracting from nicotine cravings. Snacks like cranberries, blueberries, raisins, dried figs, dried apricots are very enjoyable and nutritious, as are varieties of nuts like pistachios and cashews. They give you plenty of energy to go through your daily work, besides keeping a handful ready by your desk will make you less likely to reach out for that cigarette.