6 Foodie Secrets Of Guru Randhawa That Are Super Relatable
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay/Guru Randhawa Instagram

The nation has been dancing to the tunes of Guru Randhawa for a decade now. From ‘Patola’ to ‘Tu Meri Rani’, Guru has only garnered more and more fans with each song, and has become synonymous with pop music. While Guru or Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa isn’t too open about his personal life on social media, where he enjoys a massive fan following of over 32 million, certain tidbits and interviews of him do reveal many secrets of the singing sensation. Especially when it comes to food. Yes, Guru Randhawa is quite a big foodie.  

1. Desi Yet Healthy At Heart  

A true-blue Punjabi munda, Randhawa loves ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. As per a report in Times Food, even though he considers himself a foodie, he likes to eat a little less than he is hungry and mostly keeps his diet clean. No wonder he looks as fit as ever! Another diet secret that Guru shared is that even though he loves ‘ghar ka khana’ which is primarily Indian, he is super particular about the kind and quantity of oil used in his food. He prefers either olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. What we loved about Guru’s love for food is, that despite the fact he travels around the world often, his love for homemade Indian food, especially Kali Dal Chawal, Roti and Sabzi, remains the same. And one of the rare posts on Instagram proves his love for desi food. Take a look: 

Image: Guru Randhawa Instagram

The singer was enjoying a sumptuous Indian meal while sitting on a 'Manji'. We could spot potato curry, some dal, rice, and salad among other things in his spread. The feast sure looks amazing! 

2. Pizza-Pasta For Win 

Besides the classic Indian food, the ‘Suit Suit’ singer is also fond of Italian cuisine, particularly the staples such as pasta and pizza. Well, we don’t blame him, the cheesy goodness's are meant to be drooled upon! Don't you agree? Guru was even seen making veg pizza once in a video he shared on his Instagram handle.  

Image: Freepik

3. Chaat Papdi And More 

Like every Indian, Guru too is fond of street food, and never misses a chance to devour on some lip-smacking street food from the capital city Delhi. It isn’t known as the food capital for nothing after all! Be it the gol gappas, the papdi chaat, dahi bhalla and so on are enough for anyone to slurp – Guru Randhawa is just one of them! 

4. Fishy Matters 

Besides, he also confessed that he has grown to like fish, and enjoys Australian John Dory fish a lot. For the unversed, John Dory is a salt water fish, known for its white, meaty flesh which is delicate and sweet. No wonder Guru is fond of it!  

5. Gulab Jamun v/s Baklava 

Another foodie secret that we discovered about Guru is that, when it comes to desserts, he is a complete desi. He loves to devour some Gulab Jamun to satiate his sugar cravings. But that’s not all, Baklava comes a close second. A layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey, Baklava is said to have its origin in the Ottoman cuisine and evolved in Turkey. Over the years, it has found immense popularity in many countries including India.  

Image: PIxabay

6. Not Without Kadak Chai 

Coming back to Guru Randhawa’s foodie secrets, like every Indian, chai seems to be an emotion for him too, as it is his go-to beverage and prefers classic ‘Kadak Masala Chai’ every day. In fact, even on Vaisakhi in April, 2022, the 'High Rated Gabru' was seen celebrating with the staple combination of chai and pakodas! Now that is super adorable.