6 Different Ways To Enjoy Your Cold Coffee This Summer
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A warm cup of coffee after a boisterous and cold day at work instantly revitalises the soul. However, in summer, one cannot even fathom drinking a hot cup of coffee as it is already extremely hot outside. Summers don't mean that one has to ditch their coffee as one can drink different types of cold brews. Many people avoid making cold brews at home as they believe that there are not many different ways to make cold coffee at home. 

Most people are just acquainted with the old and reliable regular cool coffee recipe. However, there are a lot of easy-to-make and flavourful cold brew mixes that can be made at home. These are no less in taste than the ones that are available at various coffee outlets for extravagant prices. Here are some tempting cold brew mixes that are worth a try on hot summer days.

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* Vanilla Iced Coffee

Vanilla iced coffee is extremely easy to make, and it has a perfect balance of vanilla extract and the coffee of one's choice. For sweeteners, one can use different types of condiments, such as honey, sugar or maple syrup as well. If one wants to make it extra sweet and delicious, then going for a caramel syrup is also a great idea. One has to simply prepare a nice brown froth of coffee by beating it with the help of a little bit of water and sugar. This mixture has to be added to some milk with a lot of ice cubes. On the top, one can add a little bit of vanilla extract along with some caramel syrup or maple syrup. Remember to mix everything before having a sip of this divine goodness.

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* Mocha Frappe

Mocha frappe is a cult favourite cold brew that is available at most coffee outlets. Despite its popularity, most people refrain from making this at home as they refuse to believe that this coffee can be made properly at home by using simple ingredients. However, to make this coffee, one has to simply take some chilled coffee broth, milk, cocoa powder, a lot of ice cubes and any sweetener that they like enough food processor. Everything has to be blended until there is a frothy and creamy mixture of coffee. Now, one has to pour everything into a glass with a lot of whipped cream and chocolate shavings on the top.

* Coconut Cold Brew

To make this tempting cold brew, one has to take a batch of perfectly brewed coffee and then soak it in cold water overnight. The next day, one has to strain the coffee concrete and refrigerate the residue. Now, this cold coffee brew has to be mixed with coconut milk, coconut syrup, and a little bit of caramel syrup. All of these ingredients can be mixed manually or in a food processor. One must add a lot of ice cubes to the mixture and add some coconut zest on the top for a tropical touch.

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* Iced Almond Latte

The iced almond latte is made by brewing a double shot of espresso and then letting it cool for some time. Now one has to fill a glass of ice cubes and then pour the double shot of espresso into the ice cubes right away. Now one must add almond milk and some vanilla extract to the mixture. Everything should be mixed properly. One can add some cinnamon powder as well as some caramel syrup for that extra flavour and sweetness. This is the perfect option for people who are avoiding dairy products and still want to drink delicious cold brews.

* Caramel Macchiato With Ice

To make caramel macchiato at home, one has to take a shot of espresso and let it cool for some time. After this, one has to take another glass, fill it with a lot of ice cubes, and pour some cold espresso liquid on top of the ice cubes. Following this, one has to add a lot of milk, which results in some caramel syrup on the top. Everything has to be stirred gently, and then one must combine all the flavours to get a sweet and creamy concoction. 

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* Classic Iced Coffee

Most people reading this article would know how to make a classic iced coffee. However, to achieve the cafe-style flavour, one has to follow this recipe. Start by making a frothy mixture of coffee with some coffee, water, and a little bit of sugar. All of these ingredients have to be mixed properly with the help of a spoon, or it can be blended in a food processor as well. One can add some cream and maple syrup to make it more delicious. Adding cocoa powder is also going to elevate the taste and make it more appetising.